Liberalism Infiltrates MTV Video Music Awards With These Shocking Award Categories

Watching movie awards on TV used to be a family affair.

For generations, mothers and daughters would sit around the TV and speculate who would win “Best Actress” and admire all the beautiful dresses worn on stage.

But the recent MTV Movie Awards proved one thing – award shows are no longer safe for children.

The 2017 award categories were outrageous, each one trying to outdo the next in “shock value”.

The award for “Best Actor”, included both men AND women, for the first time ever.

Breitbart reported:

“Billions star Asia Kate Dillon kicked off the night by presenting the award for Best Actor in a Movie, which included both male and female nominees for the first time.

“This year has been full of firsts for me. I am the first openly non-binary actor to play a non-binary character on a major television show,” Dillon said. “And now it’s so cool to be here presenting the first acting award ever that celebrates performance free of any gender distinction.”

Instead of celebrating both men and women in their individual roles, liberal Hollywood is determined to force their political agenda into American households.

But it gets worse.

MTV further explained their reasoning for eliminating the “Best Actress” category and boasted on their first ever “gender-neutral” award.

Instead of celebrating women for being women, liberals are determined to completely undo tradition and pervert gender-roles.

Fox News reported:

The policy was put into practice by Asia Kate Dillion when she proudly noted she has been able to break down gender barriers as “the first openly non-binary actor to play an openly non-binary actor on a major TV show” (Showtime’s drama series “Billions”), then presented the Best Actor in a Movie award to Emma Watson of “Beauty and the Beast.” A non-binary person is someone who doesn’t identify with either gender.

“Acting is about the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and that doesn’t need to be separated into two different categories,” Watson said in receiving her award.”

Emma Watson was glowing at receiving the first “gender neutral” award, and bragged she was “so proud to be part of a film that celebrates diversity, literacy, inclusion, joy and love the way that this one does.”

But liberals didn’t stop there.

It wasn’t enough to take away the “Best Actress” award.

The “Best Kiss” category was awarded to two men for their same-sex kiss.

Breitbart reported:

“This represents more than a kiss,” Sanders said while accepting the award. “This is for those who feel like the others, the misfits. This represents us, so we love you and thank you all.”

Hollywood insisted the event wasn’t political and claimed it was a chance to showcase diversity.

However, left-wing Congresswoman Maxine Waters took the stage to present the “Best Fight Against the System” award.

Liberal Hollywood stars corrupt everything they touch. What used to be an opportunity to celebrate talent on the big-screen, has turned into a social-justice liberal crusade.

Thanks to liberals, young women are now taught to be ashamed of traditional gender roles and are all but forced to accept the new “gender neutral “way of life.

Young conservative women deserve better than this.

What are your thoughts on the new “gender neutral” award category?

Would you let your children watch the MTV Video Awards?

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