Liberals Sickening Approach To Violence Against Trump Supporters

It is no secret that the left has an unhealthy disdain for the president and all those who stand by him.

The media has been unrelenting in their coverage of right-wing politicians and constituents, throwing slurs while making up allegations; all in the name of so-called news.

At their worst, liberals have been not only inciting violence and harassment of Trump and his supporters, but the leftist media has been covering it as a victory for American democracy.

How have they become so confused about right and wrong?

Our president of the United States of America, who was elected into office by the established protocol this nation set forth, is being illegally harassed.

If you aren’t happy with the way a country is run, you can either become involved in legislative reform or leave; not go on violent rampages whenever you’re offended and think you are justified.

With the lack of moral absolutes, liberals squander in relativism, acting on fleeting emotions and judgmental whims.

It is an appalling example to raise children on these standards, teaching that you don’t have to follow the law because you don’t agree with it. These arguments won’t hold up in court.

Our children need to be taught respect for their country and accountability for their actions, teaching that there is a world where actions have consequences.

Liberal delusion has led to the assault of American citizens who have done nothing wrong. Their offense simply being that they hold differing views.

Immigration is a hot topic in politics right now, giving fuel to the raging liberal fire. Holding to the idea that Trump has personally locked up innocent children for no reason, the media is raining down a hailstorm of negative reports.

The media is now calling Trump and his supporters “Nazis”, comparing the detaining of those who break the law in this country with a regime that facilitated the genocide of 6 million Jews.

The Hill reported:

“ MSNBC commentator extended the Nazi label to every Trump supporter, declaring: “If you vote for Trump then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, going: ‘You here, you here.”

Apparently, every left-wing reporter, and blind follower of such reports, has never read a history book, or they are being ignorant to the facts.

Some leftist protesters in Portland assaulted ICE employees who were outside their office just doing their job.

Then, shockingly, after they assaulted the two men, they made demands on the agency, saying they won’t leave until ICE’s permit is revoked by the city, and that Portland cut off all connections with the Department of Homeland Security, according to KPAX News.

KPAX News reported the event on July 10:

Two protesters were arrested after allegedly assaulting a Federal Protective Service officer outside an ICE office in southwest Portland.

The “Occupy ICE PDX” group released a statement Monday saying federal agents were attempting to “raid” the camp.”

In Boynton Beach, Florida, an angry anti-Trump civilian took things a step further, initiating violence on a man in his own yard.

While sitting in his yard watching fireworks for the holiday, Jeff Good, had a man drive up to his house yelling “vile things” about President Trump, according to WTKR News 3.

What made the man so upset was that Good had a Trump flag in his front yard. The angry offender demanded that the flag be removed from Good’s private property.

When Good refused to remove the flag, the man punched Good in the face. After Good tried to fight back the unthinkable happened.

WTKR News 3 reported:

Good said he instinctively tried to punch the man back but the man drove off with Good’s arm stuck in the car, and Good was then dragged for about 30 feet.”

Good suffered many cuts and bruises but was amazingly able to walk away from the incident.

You can bet if a Republican assaulted a Democrat on that scale, you would hear about it from every major news site in the nation, for weeks on end.

Punching a man in his face in his own yard is a violent and unwarranted offense for sure, but that is not where liberals draw the line; which they are trying to remove altogether.

A writer for the New York Times suggested Democrats and progressives “take a  page from “The Godfather” and go to the mattresses on this issue” in a piece he wrote ranting about Trump’s picks for Supreme Court.

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He continues by saying that “This call to arms may sound overly dramatic”, but that he feels it’s necessary.

Of course, this is beyond ironic, seeming a major platform for liberals is gun reform and their heavily supported March For Our Lives movement.

These are only a couple examples of the violence Trump supporters are victim to every day.

Whether it is for wearing a MAGA hat, or simply being respectful of our Commander in Chief, liberals are being supported in their harassment of the right.

When the media is not reporting on unwarranted aggression by liberal protesters, they are straight up trying to ignore it so that what the public is revealed is one-sided.

While the left looks to incite a mob against innocent people, they are simultaneously looking to disarm us by taking away our Second Amendment rights. How convenient for them.

Unfortunately for the left, the behavior they chose to back in the media and in their brainwashed followers has revealed an unsavory character that won’t fare them well in the coming elections.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the one-sided media and the recent aggression against Trump supporters.