Liberals Threaten To Riot Because They Fear This Conservative Woman

Liberal hysteria on college campuses is surging, with more and more colleges attempting to shut down free speech from conservatives.

All liberals have to do is shout “racist” or “bigot”, and universities panic and start banning conservative speakers.

But the latest attempt to ban this conservative woman backfired in a big way.

Ann Coulter was invited and scheduled to speak at the University of California, Berkeley, but is now being told she is not allowed.

University officials are claiming it’s too “dangerous” if she speaks, and said there are serious security concerns which will result in “riots” if Coulter moves forward with her speech.

When the story broke loose, and Berkeley started to receive unfavorable attention from the media, Berkeley agreed to move her to a different date, one when most students would be studying for finals and unable to attend.

But Ann Coulter is still planning to speak at her originally scheduled date and said it’s up to Berkeley to make sure the grounds are safe.

A group of conservatives at Berkeley are backing Coulter and fighting back against the university’s attempt to silence free speech.

In fact, these college conservatives are armed with legal representation and are prepared to move forward with a lawsuit against Berkeley if Coulter is denied the right to speak.

Fox News reported:

“This case arises from efforts by one of California’s leading public universities, UC Berkeley — once known as the “birthplace of the Free Speech Movement” — to restrict and stifle the speech of conservative students whose voices fall beyond the campus political orthodoxy,” the lawsuit says.

Campus Republicans invited Coulter to speak at Berkeley this Thursday, but Berkeley officials informed the group last week that the event was being called off for security concerns.

The cancellation came after a series of violent clashes this year on campus and in downtown Berkeley between far-right and far-left protesters.

The university then backtracked and offered an alternate date, but Coulter has insisted that she plans to still come Thursday.

Coulter tweeted Monday that the lawsuit “demands appropriate & safe venue for my speech THIS THURSDAY.”

Ann Coulter has been a thorn in the side of liberals for more than a decade.

Coulter is an unapologetic force who is not afraid to boldly put liberals in their place, and they hate her for it.

But instead of allowing her to speak, and simply not attending, liberals are trying to shut her down.

Judge Jeanine Pirro has had enough of whining college students and issued scathing remarks defending Coulter’s right to speak.

Fox News continued:

“Pirro called out the protesters as “wimps” who need a “college play pen” because they would otherwise be subjected to opposing views.

“Go find a bunker to hide in for the next 50 years because you’re not going to make it in the real world,” she said.

Pirro said situations like those at Berkeley are happening nationwide and warned of America becoming a “fascist, totalitarian society” with only one acceptable viewpoint.

“It’s time to fight back,” she said.”

Things aren’t looking good for Berkeley if they deny a conservative woman like Ann Coulter the right to speak.

Do you think Ann Coulter should be allowed to speak at her originally scheduled time?

Why do you think liberal women fear Ann Coulter?

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