Liberals Use Children To Push Their “Trans-Gender” Policies

It’s bad enough liberals support promoting a “trans-gender” world.

But now innocent children are caught in the crosshairs, as liberals encourage children to question their “gender identity”.

And worst of all, it seems to be working.

Children used to celebrate being uniquely male or female.

Little girls would dress up for school in flowing skirts, and boys would proudly wear the latest “cool” outfit, showing off their toughness.

But thanks to liberals, everything has changed.

In fact, liberals have infiltrated the school systems so deep, they are now encouraging schools to adopt a “gender neutral” dress code policy, which includes allowing little boys to “pick their uniform”, even if it means choosing a skirt.

Even worse, school officials, who are supposed to protect children from the politics of the world, are signing off.

One headmaster of a private school said if boys choose to wear skirts and feel “happier” because of it, it “must be a good thing”.

Breitbart reports:

“Items included in the new dress code won’t be linked to sex, noted Pettitt, who told the newspaper: “We are asking [pupils], should it be called uniform number one and uniform number two?”

Highgate’s current uniform policy allows female pupils to wear trousers, dark blue jackets, and ties but boys can’t choose to wear the grey pleated skirts that make up part of the girls’ uniform.

Pettitt said some former pupils at the school, whose alumni include the cricketer Phil Tufnell and the poet T.S. Eliot, have opposed the changes.

“They write in and say if you left children to their own devices they would grow up differently and you are promoting the wrong ideas.”

But the headmaster added that if boys choose to wear skirts, then “if [as a result] they feel happier and more secure in who they are, it must be a good thing.”

Highgate is set to hold a conference for dozens of schools titled The Developing Teenager next month, at which one of the topics to be discussed is how teachers should handle growing pressure from pupils to scrap the “old fashioned” idea that there are two sexes.”

Sadly, this story is nothing new.

Some leftist parents have even encouraged their children to “embrace the gender identity they feel”, like one mom who encouraged her little 5-year old girl to be a boy, and fought to get her into the cub scouts.

The mother claimed her daughter was “happier” living as a boy.

But all of this fabricated “gender confusion” is killing our children, literally.

Breitbart reports:

A study by Mark Zucker at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, found that transgenderism was more prominent and persistent amongst children when promoted by adults.

Researchers observed that children who saw therapists and others in authority who assume they belong to the opposite sex can actually become more distressed, exacerbating their “gender dysphoric identity”.

Conservatives need to stand up and fight to protect children from the perverted liberal culture before it’s too late.

More and more moms are choosing to homeschool their children and keep them out of the school system completely.

It’s a sad day when leftist activists are so determined to push their “gender neutral” agenda, that they are willing to corrupt and hurt the most vulnerable population in the process.

Do you think little boys should be encouraged to wear skirts to school? What are your thoughts on the “gender neutral” policies liberals are trying to force children to adopt?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. baitmando says:

    Liberals are sick. The most vile kind of sick.

  2. Very simple and Law exists to take care of this. Its called Child Abuse of the worse kind given that these children never grow up quite right in the head. For example look at Cher’s child that was given to her homoseual girlfriend to raise.

  3. The boys need to be encouraged to wear kilts instead.

  4. BornAgainSouthernPride says:

    If the parents don’t help kids to understand sexuality, no wonder there are so many confused kids. If they tell them it is OK to be a girl or boy if you want, it is a problem. If they take them to a doctor to have them gender reassigned, it ought to be a crime. Children need to be taught and understand sexuality at an early age so they can defend themselves from those that would confuse them for their own agenda.

    • albany le says:

      Thank you! Parents who do this to children belong in prison. Any person reaching the age of 18 ( the age of consent) may do as they like, But, unfortunately, this is being forced on children who are very young. Not to be tolerated!

  5. albany le says:

    Child Abuse is what this is, really. To expose innocent children to this Weird non-gender or any other sexual practices like this. Crazy! Protect your children and keep them safe. Thank you
    What do you think/?
    Please join me if you want your children raised without all this sexual CRAP!!

  6. Sorry, two genders is not an “old fashioned” Idea, it is a scientific fact! The left want a gender neutral populace because it will be more compliant and easy to manipulate; the human haters hope that the human race will disappear because gender neutrality will mean no more procreation! The goal of “humanists” is to make the human race extinct!

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