Life Is Tough, But Being Pro-Life Is Tougher

The pro-death community like to use phrases like “taking control of your reproductive health” and “it’s not my time to be a mother” to make their deplorable actions seem revolutionary.

However, there is nothing admirable or brave about taking the life of an innocent child, and it’s time society recognizes that.

The unsung heroes of modern culture are the women who, against all odds and conveniences, choose life, women like Samantha.

Being a high school student with big dreams and a bright future, things were going Samantha’s way.

Samantha and her boyfriend, Rick, were getting serious in their relationship; even beginning to discuss marriage plans.

Then something happened that shocked the young couple, forcing them to confront some hard questions.

Samantha unexpectedly became pregnant.

This surprise came like a whirlwind, sweeping up everything they thought was settled in life.

The first thought that sprang into Samantha’s mind after the positive pregnancy test was, “My mom is going to kill me!”

Upsetting a mother who is dying from breast cancer, was almost too much to bear, opening a plethora of hypothetical doubts and accusations.

These formidable thoughts were quickly overrun with joy, as Samantha imagined her life as a mother.

Going to Rick first to reveal the secret of this growing life inside her, Samantha wasn’t sure what to expect.

Rick instinctively asked “are you sure you are pregnant”, as if this topic was casually stumbled upon.

Once the reality of the situation was absorbed, Rick spoke the words that society has already formulated for you, options that a cruel twist of judiciary fate has made possible.

He asked if she wanted to get an abortion.

And why not? Samantha was still in high school, her mom was suffering from cancer, they haven’t gone through with the wedding plans yet , and there was still so much to do in a young person’s life.

But none of that mattered to Samantha.

Quickly, and with ghastly opposition, Samantha turned down the offer, claiming she would give the baby up for adoption before she would take the life of her child.

The idea of giving away the baby of the young couple in love, seemed crushing to Rick, and he said that he would rather “chop off his right hand” than give their baby away.

Not wanting Rick to feel he was being forced into a situation he may regret, Samantha gave him an easy out, saying that she can go live with her grandma out in Minnesota for awhile.

Having his newly forming family so far away was not what Rick wanted. He didn’t have all the answers, and things weren’t going to be easy, but he knew marrying Samantha was first on his list.

So it was settled. They were about to bring a new life into this world and start a family. Now Samantha had to tell all the influential people in her life that plans are changing.

Having a baby out of wed lock brings a sense of shame with it. Sharing such information brings with it a level of vulnerability that only one in such a situation can experience.

Going to her parents first, Rick asked for Samantha’s hand in marriage. Whether it was because she was so young or because parents have a sixth sense about their kids, Samantha’s dad instantly questioned, “you’re pregnant, aren’t you?”

The room was quiet and heavy, only being broken by the incessant sobs of Samantha’s sick mother.

After the crying died down, details were shared, and plans were made for a wedding a couple months later.

Thankfully, Samantha was able to work out a deal with her teachers at the high school she attended, to finish up her work early so she didn’t have to stay through her senior year.

This took some of the pressure off Samantha, limiting which students she wanted to share her news with.

Working for the Holy Land tours, Samantha’s mother had planned an elaborate trip for the newlyweds honeymoon to take place in June, where she would be their personal tour guide.

Against the plans they had all made, illness gripped the feeble mother, sending her to the hospitable in May.

A pregnant and scared Samantha lay at her mother’s bedside reminding her of the trip they have to all attend the next month.

Her mother smiled contently, saying, “Where I’m going, you don’t need any bags.”

She died two days later.

Now newly wed, pregnant, and grieving, Samantha left for the honeymoon her mom had planned for her with Rick, giving her a hiatus from all the trials that were yet to come.

In September, Samantha had a baby girl at seventeen years old. Navigating motherhood without your own mother is like sailing a ship in dark uncharted waters.

Samantha knew, despite whatever came her way, that “with an atmosphere of love anything could happen,” and she loved that little girl more fully than she thought possible.

It wasn’t a “good time” to have a baby, it wasn’t convenient for her, and she wasn’t financially prepared for supporting another person, but Samantha and Rick chose life anyway.

The hormones of post-pregnancy are enough to make any woman feel unstable, but added with grief, and one would need superhuman strength to stay on top.

Good for her, that’s exactly what she was, a superhero.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about Samantha’s story, and how society tries to mislead the public into thinking abortions are brave, when they are the opposite.



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