Man Jumps Over Bridge To Save Toddler Thrown Into The Water After Horrific Car Crash

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A 5-vehicle car crash lunged a 2-year-old toddler out of her car and over a steep Maryland bridge into the icy cold water.

Terrified, bystanders looked on in horror and prepared for the unthinkable.

And what could have ended in a deadly tragedy was averted thanks to the brave actions of a good Samaritan – and just wait until you hear how he stepped up to the plate.

During a crisis, cooler heads prevail.

But when a child is in danger of losing their life, it’s natural to panic and freeze in terror.

And for those who witnessed the horrific scene and watched a 2-year-old baby thrown over the bridge and into the water– one can’t even begin to imagine the panic that paralyzed the crowd.

Thankfully, Jonathan Bauer was one of the witnesses that day.

Sitting a few cars back, Bauer was driving with his teen daughter when he saw the crash.

Instead of panicking or waiting on the authorities, he acted quickly and wasted no time jumping out of his own car and over the bridge to save the child.

The Baltimore Sun reported:

“Bauer threw his legs over the side of the bridge “and just looked over at my daughter and said, ‘Grab the first firefighter or police officer you see,’ ” he said. “And then pushed off.”

Within seconds of securing the girl and patting her back, she began spitting up “a bunch of water, a lot of water,” he said.”


Talk about a beautiful and heroic act!

Had no one acted swiftly or waited for the authorities, this sweet little girl could have lost her life.

But instead, a stranger intervened and saved the day.

Even more amazing, he had everything to lose.

He didn’t know the child, nor how deep the water was.

But it didn’t matter. As a father, he knows the natural instinct one has to protect a child.

And even though he didn’t know if the little girl would even still be alive, he risked it all to save her life.

In a world where it seems as if everyone has gone mad, it’s encouraging to see stories of everyday people stepping up when it matters most.

Mommy Underground loves reporting on the good deeds of ordinary citizens who’ve changed the world.

Like the sanitation worker who recognized a car from an Amber Alert and saved a little girl from a sex offender.

Or the 15-year-old boy who rescued his sister from their burning house…

… and then went back inside to rescue his mother.

Stories like these show you don’t have to have superpowers to make a difference – just the ability to act quickly when the situation arises.

Cheers to all the ordinary heroes of the world!

Thank you for doing your part to make this dark world just a little bit brighter.

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