Meghan McCain Is Obsessed With Her Child Just Like The Rest Of Us

Photo by LBJ Library on Flickr


Successful women on television don’t look like the typical mom – like where are the milk stains and twitch in the left eye from hearing baby shark on repeat?

The lack of apparent chaos in their life makes us think they don’t have a real relationship with their child that only comes from sleepless nights when your infant is teething or being there to put the bandage on when they scrape a knee.

However, Meghan McCain, despite all her success and engagements, has turned into a hands-on, head-over-heels mom like any other.

Meghan McCain is most notably known for being the 36-year-old television host on The view and daughter of Arizona senator John McCain.

What many people don’t know is that she is also the proud momma of 5-month-old daughter Liberty.

McCain is obviously one tough woman to be able to sit side-by-side for years on end with the liberal Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar among others, listening to them say anything that crossed their mind as if it were fact.

That tough skin and perseverance has helped her to become a dedicated mom, even if she wasn’t expecting it.

Meghan McCain tells People:

“… no one is more surprised than me how much I love motherhood.”

During an inviting Zoom meeting with People, McCain switches from her quick-witted, fiery personality from The View to a mother gushing over her love for her new little girl.

Many moms know this state of being all too well.

One moment we are planning on being a successful corporate woman who comes home to a family eager to have dinner together, then the next they are squeezing their little cuddle bug so close swearing to all who will listen that they are never stepping foot into the office again.

Something must happen to your body chemically … there must be something primitive that kicks in,” she says to People, “because I don’t feel as tired anymore. I get like four hours of sleep and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that was like four hours of sleep.’ “

There most certainly is!

The maternal instinct is a strong force of nature that very few species can will away its existence no matter how hard they try.

McCain referred to herself as an “ice queen workaholic”, but the recent pictures of her and adorable little Liberty show anything but that.

After going “back and forth” about whether her and husband Ben Domenech were going to be parents, McCain now “can’t believe” how much she likes motherhood.

The once hesitant mom shares:

I feel like the universe is laughing at me, because I was so scared of having kids and so reluctant and so on the fence about it. Even when I was pregnant I was like, ‘I don’t know, we’ll see how this goes.”

But after a 30-hour delivery that brought her daughter into the world on September 28, 2020, McCain is ready to have more children as soon as she is “recovered.”

There is no doubt that celebrities like Kim Kardashian exist with her three nannies running up a bill between $50,000-$100,000 a month according to Radar Report.

However, there are those celebrities who just get awe-struck over the little life they brought into the world, and those are the real moments we don’t get to see on tv.