Mia Love: A Republican, Immigrant, and Breaking Glass Ceiling

As time progresses, women have been forging their way into politics, but one presence could still have a louder voice.

Conservative women are strong, courageous, family focused individuals who are changing the world through sticking to core values and seeing long term solutions to issues facing this nation.

Showing the United States just that, Mia Love is defying the odds, letting the political arena know she is here for the long haul.

From Haitian parents who immigrated to the America, to the first black Republican woman ever elected to Congress, there is much to tell in her inspirational story.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, on December 6, 1975 as Ludmya Bourdeau, Love had humble beginnings as her parents struggled to make ends meet.

Love’s parents came to America from Haiti with only $10, and knew no English as they tried to get settled in a new land.

Many who have this kind of upbringing have families who are reliant on government support, voting for representatives who promise to increase social welfare programs.

This was not the Bourdeau’s.

Moving to Norwalk, Connecticut when Love was a child, her father worked as a paint company manager, and her mother was a nurse.

During this time her parents believed in the conservative approach to the American dream, instilling these values in Love as she grew.

Love still reflects on the proud moment her father voted for Ronald Raegan, remembering how the family supported pro-life ad limited social welfare legislation.

After graduating from the University of Hartford with a degree in fine arts in 1997, she moved to Utah to stay with a friend.

Little did she know how impactful that decision was.

While in Utah, she met and fell in love with a Mormon missionary, Jason Love, who she had coincidentally met originally in Connecticut, according to Biography.

With the embrace of similar political views, Love took his future bride-to-be to a firing range for their first date.

It didn’t take long for Love to join the Mormon church and marry Jason, eventually having 3 beautiful children.

Love’s political career began small, engaging in community affairs, particularly issues between residents and the city’s developers.

With no trouble at all, Love won city council in 2003 for Saratoga Springs City, Utah. From there her aspirations rose, giving her a seat in Mayor’s office.

The city was not doing well when Love became mayor, having economic hardships and rising deficits.

Instinctively, she made the tough call to raise taxes, lay off some personnel, and cut the budget, saving the city and setting it up for future success.

In 2012, Love set her sights on a more prestigious seat in Congress, representing Utah’s 4th Congressional district.

It was shocking and refreshing for voters to see this grounded woman paving a road that has never been traveled.

Two years later, Love broke a glass ceiling and became the first black Republican woman to ever be voted into Congress.

Having been associated with the Tea Party, she got instant national recognition and praise from Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Speaker of the House John Boehner.

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After her run as Congresswoman, Love went on to a career in the most unlikely of places- as a CNN commentator.

She is excited to be able to offer viewers “a different, principled and unleashed perspective. Still Republican, still strong,” according to The Salt Lake City Tribune.

The innocent lives being taken in the womb need a voice among the strong pro-death contenders who look to CNN for political direction.

Mia Love is definitely strong on that point, saying that if “you’re a country that decides that you’re going to kill our babies, you are pretty much good for nothing,” reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

Mia Love is showing the world that you don’t have to fit into the box society wants you to be in.

Fighting for what is right, the sanctity of life, and being a strong woman who is focused on promoting families is for anyone willing to stand up to a culture that aims to destroy traditional values.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about Mia Love’s accomplishments, and her contributions to the Republican Party.