Michelle Obama Says The Unthinkable In Latest Interview

The Obamas left the White House a few months ago. So what does a former President do when they are no longer signing executive orders and mangling healthcare?

After the memorable presidential trade-off on Inauguration Day, the Obama family went on vacation to Indonesia – visiting significant religious sites and hitting a few balls around; as if that wasn’t done enough during the 8-year presidency.

During their 3-month hiatus, the Obamas managed to stay out of the political limelight. But we knew it was only a matter of time before appearances were going to be made in order to maintain their new $8 million dollar home.

Reuters reported:

“Former U.S. President Barack Obama is greeted by President Joko Widodo at Indonesia’s presidential palace in Bogor while on family vacation to the Southeast Asian country.”

While staying in a 200-acre resort, Barack enjoyed playing golf with Widodo. The kids were often spotted sightseeing at many popular temples in the area. But Michelle was not seen in many of their family outing pictures.

Perhaps Michelle was tucked away recovering from the all the “cuts” she received as First Lady.

Michelle Obama has not shied away from making her trials in the White House about her race.

DailyMail reported:

“In her latest public appearance since her husband left office, former first lady Michelle Obama told a gathering in Denver on Tuesday she was hurt by racist comments made about her during her time in the White House.”

“When she was asked about breaking the glass ceiling as the first black first lady, Obama spoke about ‘the falling glass shards that cut the deepest.’”

It is unfortunate the personal attacks people receive when in the political game, but Michelle Obama is by no means the first to receive these verbal assaults.

Melania Trump has already received several harsh verbal attacks – despite her race.

Hollywood Reporter commented:

 “New York Times reporter Jacob Bernstein apologized on Tuesday for saying in a private conversation that Melania Trump was a “hooker.”

And Aol reported:

“On his podcast, [Dan] Savage went on a rant about how much he dislikes the first lady, saying “Melania Trump is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside.””

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The negative attention was equal to that of most First Ladies, but Michelle’s positive attention seemed to be brushed off with the woes of inequality as she rejected a chance to speak on breaking the glass ceiling.

DailyMail reported on her recent speaking engagements, showing Michelle is not hurting from the fame she received during her political experience:

“Obama spoke Tuesday before a crowd of 8,500 people at the Pepsi Center that had gathered to hear her thoughts on women’s empowerment.”

“Obama was the keynote speaker at the event, organized by the American Institute of Architects, where she spoke about her time as Chicago’s assistant commissioner of planning and development.”

Both Michelle and Barack are said to have lucrative book deals in the works.

Despite all the opportunities the American people gave Michelle Obama by electing her husband into the White House, she narrows in on her race. One could speak on the equality the Obamas received by experiencing all the ups and downs that come with being a high-ranking official.