Michigan Barber Attacked For Trying To Keep His Doors Open

Photo by Apothecary 87 on Unsplash


Business owners are struggling to keep their head above water during strict lockdown policies implemented by states across the nation.

With capitalism being the driving force of our economic survival it makes one wonder where America will stand after this structure was laid to rest for months on end.

In Michigan, a barber was not willing to wait and see, keeping his business open to all those in need of a haircut despite the urges of his Democratic Governor.

Karl Manke, 77, has been enjoying his job as a barber and business owner for almost 60 years before the pandemic threatened to take it all away.

The barber, whose shop resides in Owosso, thought of Michigan as “a police state” under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, The New York Times reports.

Whitmer is known to use her power to try and supersede individual freedoms, such as when she used state police to “monitor all conversations” of protesters to try and provide “proof” the virus is spreading because of their movements, Breitbart reveals.

Makes you wonder if she is “monitoring all conversation” of the violent rioters over George Floyd’s death in Michigan right now, as the lockdown is still in place until June 8.

Because Manke has refused to close his doors and comply with Gov. Whitmer’s orders, bringing patrons in from as far as three hours away to support his stance, his business and professional licenses have been suspended.

This has only made the patriotic business owner more adamant in his position.

The New York Times reports his response:

I’m not closing up; I’m not caving in to this. I’m not a rabble-rouser and I’m not a scofflaw. I’m a small-town barber. I just want to make my living.”

Just wanting to make a living is what has prompted some of the nation’s largest, and most televised, protests in Lansing, Michigan.

In Dallas, Texas, Shelley Luther took after Manke’s example of operating on freedom rather than fear and reopened her salon during the pandemic.

The shop owner spent two days in jail after being sentenced to a week for being in contempt of court.

Both of these profound demonstrations have sparked conversations around the nation about the battle between the government’s power to force measures that infringe on personal freedoms and one’s right to make choices concerning their well-being.

COVID-19 is not the only deadly disease one can contract as they go about their life’s journey.

American’s have the choice to go into an establishment or not, or to engage with others or not.

The great part about being in this country is the freedom to live within the constitutional means provided.

Risks are part of life, and as responsible citizens we should gauge and assess them as needed, but never be forced by government power to go against the foundations we stand on.

It is unknown if Karl Manke’s Barber & Beauty Shop will be able to survive the legal repercussions of his choices.

Although, his legacy as an American small business owner standing up to Democratic push will surely surpass his superb haircuts.

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