**Mommy Alert** Latest Investigation Reveals High Levels Of Toxic Metal Found In Baby Food

Photo by Rachel Loughman on Unsplash



Every mom will do whatever she can to keep her baby safe, which is why this latest report is so shocking.

As it turns out, a Congressional investigation revealed baby food manufacturers were more concerned about making a profit than providing a safe product.

And once you hear about the dangerous goods they’ve knowingly tricked moms into buying, you’re bound to be infuriated.

To start, many well-meaning moms assume buying baby food at their local supermarket is safe.

But a recent Congressional investigation revealed just the opposite.

According to Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi, dangerous levels of toxic chemicals have been found in baby food.

CNN reported:

“Dangerous levels of toxic metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury exist in baby foods at levels that exceed what experts and governing bodies say are permissible,”

How horrifying to think things like arsenic, led, cadmium, and mercury are known ingredients found in store-bought baby food!

Of course these cancer causing agents wreak havoc on the minds and bodies of our precious children.

I bet if moms actually knew these dangerous chemicals were in their baby’s food, they’d be horrified, if not outraged.

And likely, they’d choose not to purchase them.

Even some brands deemed “organic” contain these toxic chemicals.

While things like arsenic and mercury are even dangerous for adults to consume, it’s amplified that much more in small children.

CNN continued:

“From the time of conception through the age of 2, babies have an extremely high sensitivity to neurotoxic chemicals, said Jane Houlihan, the national director of science and health for Healthy Babies Bright Futures, a coalition of advocates committed to reducing babies’ exposures to neurotoxic chemicals.

“Their brain is forming rapidly, and so when they’re exposed to metals that can interrupt those natural processes, the impacts range from behavioral problems to aggression to IQ loss and all kinds of cognitive and behavioral deficits that can persist throughout life,” Houlihan said.

While this would be horrible enough if baby food manufacturers weren’t aware this was happening – the worst part of all is they are aware, and they don’t care.

They want to sell a product, period.

And they’re even willing to endanger the lives of babies and children everywhere to do so.

If you are currently dependent on store bought baby food – don’t panic just yet.

You can begin to try other options like blending soft foods and making your own baby food at home, or even introducing your kiddos to solid foods like avocados and bananas at a young age.

Make whatever decision works best for your household, but please be aware of the dangerous baby food products lining the shelves at your local grocery store.

We can’t trust the Federal Drug Administration to have our backs.

Knowledge is power – so now that you are aware – consider your options next time you shop for your little one!

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