Moms Defy Opinions And The Odds To Choose Life

In our increasingly liberal culture, many American women find themselves under attack by feminists for standing for life.

The new feminist movement has focused on a “me first” agenda in which pro-life women are criticized for daring to put the rights of the unborn before their own.

In a society where women are pushed to be equal to men, and where children are often viewed as a “nuisance” on a woman’s path to power and success, several women are coming forward with testimonies that give hope in the fight against the liberal anti-life culture in America today.

The modern feminist would never consider putting a child ahead of their career and self-involved life goals, let alone making the decision to put their life in danger to save their unborn child.

LifeSite News reported on an awe-inspiring story of one woman who did just that.

Becky Anderson was two months into her pregnancy when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

LifeSite News reported:

Her doctors gave Becky a terrifying ultimatum — end the pregnancy and start treatment straight away, or risk the cancer spreading.

Becky said: “They wanted to give me a hysterectomy the following week but I was adamant I would not have an abortion.”

It is not clear from the story whether “abortion”means here a hysterectomy for cancer treatment with the unintended side-effect that the twins would die, or whether a genuinely abortive procedure with the aim of lethally attacking the twins was proposed.

Becky said: “I’d gone from being on top of the world to being in the depths of despair, worrying whether I was going to actually survive…I knew I needed to survive for the sake of my children. There was no way I was leaving them.”

“I kept thinking that their lives were just starting while mine could be ending, but it was a risk I was willing to take.”

Becky chose to risk her own life so that her twins could live, a decision criticized by liberal feminists, but that made her a powerful witness for choosing life.

Becky’s twins were born healthy, and she was able to start treatment to treat her cancer.

And in another stunning case of a woman fighting against the anti-life culture that often pervades modern medicine, Ashley Caughey put off her cancer treatment to give her daughter a chance at life also.

Live Action reported:

An X-ray revealed the news Ashley Caughey dreaded to her. A doctor told her she had a bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. During this same time, Ashley found out she was 10 weeks pregnant. The doctors wanted her to begin chemotherapy as soon as possible, but Ashley knew that that would harm her child.

They told me what would likely happen to Paisley, that you know, she most likely wouldn’t make it and I just knew. It wasn’t a choice to me. It was like this is what needs to be done. She’s first. I’m not going to kill a healthy baby because I’m sick. There’s nothing wrong with her. Her life is just as important as mine if not more important. I mean as a mother my job is to protect my kids.

These testimonials enrage feminists who could never understand putting anyone ahead of their own needs and goals.

And they give hope that our increasingly liberal society will eventually turn against the anti-life culture that has risen up out of the early feminist movements.

The Atlantic reported on the feminist notion that a woman must place her own needs before those of her child.

Pro-choice arguments, the author says, reflect the ambitions, hypocrisies, and contradictions of contemporary feminism.

In feminists’ view, a woman is not permitted to put the needs of other people first, because “self-sacrifice” is the linchpin of female oppression. Instead, she is expected to ascend to a higher level of enlightened self-regard, where the act of putting her own needs first is tantamount to striking a blow for women’s freedom.

The chief goal of feminists is to restructure the family as a totally contractual arrangement from which anyone, but especially any woman, may withdraw at will.

We can give thanks and praise that there are still women in America today who not only choose life for their children, but choose the sanctity of their child’s life above their own.

The stories of these brave women, and those of many others, give hope that a culture of life will eventually overcome the feminist hypocrisy so readily accepted in America, and so heavily covered by the liberal media.