Moms – Here’s Why You Must Make Date Nights With Your Husband A Priority 

Moms have it busy – from feeding little mouths to keeping the home clean – and working in between – it seems as if moms barely have time for themselves.

And to actually go out on a date with their husband seems utterly impossible.

But the truth is, as busy as it gets being a mom, making time alone with your husband should be a top priority. 

Not only will it keep the relationship with your spouse strong, but it can even help you be a better parent! 

A Good Example For Your Children 

With so many broken homes, it’s critical for children to see an example of a healthy relationship between mom and dad.

Believe it or not, children pay attention to how their father treats their mother.

If they see dad taking mom out a few times a month, or even once a week if possible, they will learn the consistency and stability of a healthy marriage.

The children will also learn that it’s not all about them – and that mom and dad need time alone to strengthen their relationship. 

Foster Your Relationship With Your Spouse

It can be easy to identify as a mom and completely lose sight of the fact you are also a wife too.

After all in marriage, the order should be prioritizing each other, and then children.

By getting the chance to go out on a date, you can help keep romance and intimacy alive with your spouse.

And they’ll appreciate time alone with you where they can feel as if you are focused on them, instead of multitasking a zillion things at once. 

You’ll Benefit Too

And let’s face it – you married your husband (hopefully) because he is your friend and you love him.

Having time alone with him is not only important – it’s fun!

Whether you are the active type that enjoys an afternoon hike, or the quiet type who simply wants dinner at a restaurant and a movie, knowing that you have a date lined up with your spouse is something fun to look forward to when the daily grind seems too much.

In addition, it can be a huge stress relief to simply go out for an evening of fun and “take a break” from being a mom – just for a few hours.

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Keeping the tradition of date nights alive with your husband doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Just the simple habit of making sure to spend time alone with one another a few times a month can do wonders to keep the intimacy alive in your marriage and help you live out your identity as a wife.

The best thing you can do for your children is to love each other well and model a healthy marriage – so both your son and daughter grow up knowing what it’s like to see a man love and respect his wife.

Seeing you two live it out is an example they can model in real time.

Have fun on your date night! 

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