Moms: If You Think You Can’t Do It All, Read This

As a busy mom, sometimes you may wonder where all the hours in the day go.

Sure, you’ve gotten up, cooked for your family, kept your children alive for another day, but many moms often look at the stack of unclean laundry or a sink of dirty dishes, and feel as though they’ve accomplished nothing.

But stop right there! If you ever feel like you’ve accomplished nothing in a day, remember this major key point.

What you do each day makes a difference, for eternity.

You are the one caring for your child and training them in the way they should go.

Not only do you take care of their tangible needs, but you are there to provide the emotional support only a mother can.

But sometimes it’s hard to see the full picture when your caught up in the day to day.

One mom recalls the dreaded question of hearing the infamous “so what did you do today” from her husband when he gets home from work.

Motherly reported:

“I wonder what I can really say about another day of changing diapers, playing outside, feeding the baby, feeding the toddler, then feeding the baby again.

I wonder how I describe to him how satisfying it was to put away the dishes because that, at least, was something I could check off my to-do list.

I wonder what he’ll think of me as he looks around and sees the books strewn across the living room and the matching stains on all of our shirts.”

But instead of focusing on all the things you didn’t get done, remember all that you did.

Did you spend time curled up with your little one telling them a story?

Did you have fun playing outside in the playground, or the privilege of tucking them in at night?

It might be hard, but it’s worth it.

Motherly continued:

“Amazing as it is, honestly, it often feels like hardest job I’ve ever had.

From the time these little people wake up until the time they go to sleep (and often lots of time in between), I am responsible for them.

And that doesn’t just mean making sure they are fed and clothed, it also means finding the balance that allows them the freedom to be children yet offers them the support they need to grow.

How do I even go about measuring that? One day, soon enough, there will be parent-teacher conferences and sports events and holiday meals where I can look around and see how much they are achieving.

But today, I’m standing too close to see the big picture.”

So moms remember, playing with your children is important. Spending quality time with them matters more than having a spotless house.

It’s okay if you can’t get it all done.

Do what you can and avoid feeling guilty.

And if you ever wonder what you did that day, fall asleep to sweet memories of knowing you showed up when it mattered most.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as if  you’ve accomplished nothing in a day?

What is the most challenging part of being a mom and balancing life?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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