Moms – Make Sure Your Teen Daughters Aren’t Partaking In This Dangerous TikTok Challenge

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash


The latest TikTok challenge is all the rage – but many women don’t know how dangerous it actually is.

The challenge instructs women to take racy photos of themselves and use a red filter background to create a “silhouette” look in a dimly lit doorway, promising to create an “alluring” illusion.

But what these women don’t know is their “filtered” pictures can easily be reverted back to the original version – meaning anyone who knows how to edit can see their barely covered (if covered at all) body.

These days, women are seeking to feel beautiful and empowered, so many signed up for the challenge without hesitation.

Of course, they thought their photos were safe, since the dim lights hide their actual body and only show their curvy outline.

The sad thing is, they’ve learned all too quickly just how exposed they actually are.

Always trying to cause harm, those who seek to embarrass women or use them for a cheap thrill are posting instructions all over YouTube and Facebook instructing other men how to remove the red filter to reveal the women’s bodies.

TikTok user @lostvsnryshots shared a video message warning girls to be careful what they post.

“’I keep seeing the Silhouette Challenge on my For You page, and even though they’re all really cute and creative and y’all look bomb in them, just make sure you’re being cognizant of what you’re wearing before you actually do all the editing for the final product.

‘Because anyone can easily take those images and revert them back to the original. So if you’re wearing a bra and panties, or if you’re nude, or whatever you did before you applied the editing to create that shadow look, just know that it’s really easy to just put it back to the original.’”

Now, clearly women shouldn’t ever take half-naked pictures and post them to social media…

…but then again some women actually don’t know this illusive “filter” can be removed with just a few clicks.

Likewise, guys shouldn’t use the image as a chance to exploit women – and social media videos instructing people how to remove the filters should be flagged and banned.

The scary thing is – many of the “instruction videos” are still posted online.

Of course, social media accounts are quick to ban Christian or conservative posts…

…yet they let the trashy videos stay posted instructing men how to undress women.

So ladies – just say no to the TikTok silhouette challenge.

And moms, make sure your teens know never to partake in activities such as these.

We need to do a better job teaching our young girls they don’t need to use their body to feel beautiful and get attention from men.

Sure, men will respond, but it won’t be the right kind of attention.

And ladies – have each other’s backs! If you had a friend who did the challenge, make sure to contact them right away.

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