Mother Plots To Murder Her Unborn Baby In The Most Gruesome Way

One mother decided she no longer wanted to give birth to the 7-month old baby growing inside her womb, so she plotted with her boyfriend to commit the unthinkable.

And when the truth was finally revealed at the horrific act of violence bestowed upon her unborn child, no one seemed to flinch.

Even worse, because of a loophole in the state law, this mother might get off free, all because she “consented” in the murder of her child.

It’s no secret the moral fabric of our society is slowly plummeting into a path of no return.

And this latest story further shows just how bad things have gotten.

A mother, with a human life growing inside of her, suddenly decided she didn’t want to have a baby anymore.

She could have made the decision to place her baby up for adoption, and allow the child to be adopted into a loving home, and give her baby a chance at life.

But this mother chose a different path.

Instead, she plotted up a horrific scheme with her boyfriend to murder her unborn child.

And then, she carried it out.

This mother decided to have her boyfriend punch her in the stomach, repeatedly, over and over, until the baby died.

As it turns out, the mother delivered the baby girl, who suffered such traumatic injuries, she died moments after being born.

It’s hard to even imagine a mother could be so far gone, that she would allow this, and it takes an even sicker individual, to think it’s okay to punch a mother’s stomach and murder her unborn baby.

But the couple carried it out, and then lied about.

The mom first went with the story she “fell while mopping the floor”.

But medical professionals weren’t buying it, and the mother finally confessed what she had done.

This should be an open and shut case of murder. The couple plotted and schemed at how to murder the baby.

However, due to a loophole in the state code and the mother’s “consent” to kill her child, it’s questionable if she’ll even pay the price for what she has done.

Fox News reported:

“In California, abortion is legal until 24 to 26 weeks. Murder charges cannot be pursued, however, because the “act was solicited, aided, abetted, or consented to by the mother of the fetus.”

Right to Life Kern County executive director Marylee Shrider was shocked to hear the story. “I wanted to burst into tears,” Shrider told Bakersfield Now.

“It’s pretty sickening to read.” Shrider said the father must be held accountable. “Even if she thought of it, what kind of man would say, ‘Yeah, I’ll punch you in the stomach until the baby is dead?’”

America’s most vulnerable continue to be slaughtered.

Regardless if the baby is slaughtered at an abortion clinic or outside, murder is still murder.

It’s gut-wrenching to think of the pain this tiny baby girl must have felt, as a sick and deranged grown man beat her to death.

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Both the mother and her boyfriend should pay the price for what they’ve done.

While sadly nothing can bring this sweet child back to life, it’s unacceptable a bogus “consent” loophole would allow the murder of this baby to go unpunished.

What are your thoughts on the mother’s plot to have her boyfriend punch her stomach until her baby died?

Do you think the mother and her boyfriend should be charged with murdering the unborn baby?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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