Mother Traps Children Inside A Burning Car But Wasn’t Prepared For This Interaction

Mothers are supposed to have the inherent desire to protect their children from harm.

But one local mother snapped and lured her three children into the car, telling them they were “going to see Jesus.”

And then in one brutal act, this mother proceeded to rev her engine in order to catch her car on fire, with her three young children inside. But then an outside force suddenly thwarted her plans, and caught her completely off guard.

It was evident this act was premeditated, and the mother planned to murder her own children.

Thankfully, quick-thinking bystanders reacted swiftly and rushed to pull the little children to safety.

The Daily Caller reported:

“The woman reportedly was at a car wash when she started revving her engine until it caught on fire in Houston, Texas, Sunday night. Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said the woman stayed in the car as it caught on fire, WHDH 7 news reported.

The mother said “we’re going to see Jesus” while the fire started building, according to witnesses.

That’s when the witnesses reportedly pulled the three children out of the car. The children were ages 9, 11 and 13.”

The mother allegedly tried to flee the scene afterwards with her children but was stopped by local authorities.

It’s painful to think how traumatized these children are, to be trapped in a car which is on fire and being forced to stay put.

Even worse, it’s their own mother who tried to murder them.

But this isn’t the first time a mom has snapped and sought to kill her children.

CNN reported:

“Of course we’re shocked whenever we hear about a parent taking the life of their own children.

Think Andrea Yates or Susan Smith. But what’s even more shocking (and sad) is that this type of crime happens a lot.

 A study in the journal Forensic Science International looked at three decades worth of filicide cases (between 1976 and 2007) and found they occurred about 500 times a year in the US.”

These numbers are astounding.

What would cause a mother to suddenly snap, and murder her own child?

Many experts have theories such as the baby was unwanted, or the mother has entered into a state of psychosis.

One doctor narrowed it down to three simple theories.

CNN continued:

“Dr. Timothy Mariano, the study’s lead author, offered up three theories: the parents are often mentally ill, they usually have higher levels of testosterone and the offspring that they kill may be considered unwanted.”

Sadly, many women are not connected to their community, and live in isolation, so warning signs of mental illness often go undetected.

And if a mental illness goes undetected, it can often become criminal.

Thankfully these bystanders reacted in time and saved the lives of these Houston children, but sadly, not all children get that chance.

What do you think should happen to the mother who placed her children inside a car, and caught it on fire?

Why do you think some moms suddenly lose it, and murder their own children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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