Move Over “To-Do” Lists – “Don’t Lists” Are The New Hot Thing

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Many moms feel crushed under the pressure to accomplish everything on their “to-do” list…

… from appointments to meal planning to household chores to activities – many people let their “to-do” lists run their life.

But the latest trend is shifting away from focusing on what needs to get done – and instead challenges folks to focus on a mental “to-don’t” list.

After all, every time you say yes to something, you are essentially saying no to something else.

And while a choice might be good – is it really the best?

Sure it’s honorable to volunteer at church 3 times a week – but does that realistically fit the current needs of your family?

If you find yourself crushed under the weight of your to-do list, start by placing these items on your “to-don’t” list today.


Don’t Put Work Above Your Family

Sure, you might have bills to pay.

Maybe your household counts on your income to help provide for your family.

But by putting work above your family, you are teaching them what to value most.

If you are answering work calls from the kitchen table at dinner or during a family movie night, something needs to change.

Instead, set boundaries.

Maybe for you that means not answering work emails after 6pm so you can spend quality time with your family.

Or perhaps you take off one day a month to have a long weekend home with the fam.

Find what works best for you, but make sure your family knows they are more important than your job.


Don’t Feel Pressured To Say “Yes”

Okay, you might be responsible and efficient…

…which is why you are always asked to volunteer for everything!

From chaperoning activities at school to leading up the church clothing drive, you may likely get dozens of requests each month and feel guilty saying no when they “need you.”

But the truth is, it is not your job to do everything.

Serve where you are called to serve, do it with excellence, and leave extra activities for others to step up and take the lead.

If you keep doing everything, you WILL get burned out.

It’s better to joyfully serve in a few areas instead of maintaining the weight of the world on your shoulders.


Don’t Spend More Than You Can Afford

It might be tempting to do a little online shopping (especially if you are stuck at home) – but once the bill comes due reality sets in.

Maintaining financial discipline is a skill, and it takes effort.

Especially when the world is waving shiny new objects in front of your eyes telling you everything you “need.”

The truth is – most of it is junk.

Simple is always best.

If you don’t have a household budget, consider making one with your husband and allocating money for certain categories.

It’s not that you can’t buy a new set of curtains, or a cute picture frame, but make sure you aren’t going into debt while doing so.


True Freedom

True freedom is found in all the things you say no to.

By saying no to debt, you are saying yes to putting extra money in your IRA.

In choosing to prioritize your family over work, you are revealing to your children they matter more.

It might take time to switch from the frantic “to-do” mentality to a “to-don’t” way of thinking, but give it a try and you’re bound to be amazed at how it can change your life!

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