Nancy Pelosi Admits Her Dirty Plan To Achieve A Pro-Choice Congress

With Donald Trump as President, pro-abort legislators realize they are rapidly losing the battle to normalize abortion on demand.

In a desperate attempt to remain relevant and take power back, Democrats have schemed up a master plan, which involves manipulating their own base.

In fact, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fired a warning shot to her party, ultimately letting them know her goal is to create a “pro-choice” Congress, even if it means using members of her own party against each other.

Pelosi’s threat further exposes the civil war within the Democratic Party and highlights just how far she’s willing to go to take back power.

LifeSite News reported:

“I get some heat for saying that not everybody has to be” pro-abortion, Pelosi told a crowd of George Washington University students Tuesday.

“When the day comes when we can say we don’t want any of our voters to be anti-choice, then I think we’d have a right to say that we don’t want any of our candidates to be anti-choice.”

Pelosi was referring to the fact she endorsed a pro-life Democrat but was quick to make the distinction she is definitely still pro-choice, and her endorsement was simply to win elections and ultimately build a pro-choice Congress.

LifeSite News continued:

“I supported him. I took heat for it. He’s pro-life,” she said. “But we will have a pro-choice gavel when we win the Congress.

 We need to have at least 218 votes to achieve that.”

Individual lawmakers can vote against their party’s position on any given piece of legislation, but their party affiliation decides which party’s leaders have majority control over the House or Senate.

This influences legislation’s fortunes in various ways, including scheduling votes, setting procedural rules, controlling committees, and more.”

Pelosi can’t stand the fact the current Congress makeup is mainly pro-life.

Watching Planned Parenthood feel the heat for their devious ways, strikes fear into the heart of every liberal, who wishes to not only keep them open but increase their funding.

You see, Democrats believe abortion should be a core part of what their Party represents.

So much so, they even double-downed on their stance at the 2012 convention, calling abortion a “core aspect” of who they are.

LifeSite News continued:

The Democratic Party has hardened its pro-abortion stance over the past several election cycles.

The party’s 2012 convention removed from its national platform rhetoric calling for abortion to be made “rare,” and the 2016 version added language declaring abortion a “core aspect” of all Americans’ “well-being,” and calling for the federal government to overturn state pro-life laws.”

Murdering unborn babies is not a “core aspect of all Americans.”

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But if Democrats regain control of Congress, more and more innocent babies will be sentenced to die, at the hands of eager abortionists.

Conservatives must hold on to the majority of Congress, there is too much at stake to give power back over to the raging liberals.

Everything is on the line this election cycle, and babies’ lives are truly in the hand of politicians, yet again.

Do you think Democrats stand a chance at taking back control of Congress?

What are your thoughts on Pelosi’s attempt to use her own party, to achieve a “pro-choice” rule in Congress?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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