New Trend In Body Shaming Reveals Devastating Results

We are currently in what most Americans would call the most tolerant time in history. 

The left likes to boast their acceptance of immorality as a pivotal factor contributing to our “progressive” society. 

But as empirically seen, liberals only wish to promote kindness and acceptance when it furthers their agenda, and a recent study has proven that position. 

Being shamed is when someone makes you feel self-hate or dishonor. It is a horrible feeling to experience, and doubly awful when you make someone else experience shame. 

Unfortunately, with all the acceptance of cultures, ethnicities, and races, humanity has been lacking in love for all different body types. 

Independent reports:

“Almost half of adults have been body shamed because of their weight, hair or even the size of their feet, a poll has claimed. “

A whopping 56% of the adults surveyed by Weight Watchers report having negative comments about their appearance in the last year alone!

Being shamed for having a body different than another individual is wrong, and you never know the reasons behind someone’s appearance. 

Do they have a hormonal issue, reconstructive surgery, birth defect, or just a genetic predisposition to something out of the “ordinary.”

This appalling behavior is not happening occasionally, but often!

Of the people surveyed, one in ten had been “criticized for their looks in the past week,” reports the Independent.

As one would expect, shaming someone for their weight was the most common complaint. 

Sadly, six in ten of those surveyed said that comments were made to them about their size. 

Fat discrimination is still a major concern in almost all cultures around the world, even in the most industrialized nations, as Mommy Underground has previously reported. 

While people will criticize anything, foot size and eyebrows were next on the list of most frequent shaming.

The eyebrows are right at eye level so it’s understandable how they would get more attention, but the feet are a bewilderment. 

Someone has to have real mental health concerns if they are shaming someone’s foot size. 

Zoe Griffiths, global director of nutrition at Weight Watchers, expresses her contempt for body shaming:

“It’s clear that many are struggling with their body confidence, often due to comments from others which is really sad to see.

We strongly oppose body shaming and weight-based bias anywhere it shows up such as in the media, the workplace, the medical field, and in relationships.”

Hearing harsh words from a stranger can irritate you, hearing them from a friend can cause dissection, but hearing them from your spouse can break your heart. 

The study uncovered that one sixth of those surveyed had heard body shaming comments from their partners in the past year, and nearly 25% heard them from a family member. 

After someone makes a negative comment about your appearance in any way it can cause you to feel embarrassed or ashamed. 

And that is exactly what the study proved, reporting that two in five participants said they felt “insecure, embarrassed and humiliated after these types of experiences.” 

A quarter of participants are “comfortable” with their bodies, but that number should be higher. 

There is a slow transition in the fashion and advertising industries from only rail thin models to including more average and plus size models.

This has aided in eliminating the discrimination against all different body types and body shaming, but we have a long way to go. 

You were created with purpose and perfect design. Your pants size does not change this fact!

You are more than the shape of your body and the comments you hear from naysayers. 

The faster we realize this, the faster we become a society that can face the more pressing matters of humanity together. 

Please let us know if you have been body shamed and the effect it had on you. Or, how you see the condition becoming better. 

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