New York’s Abortion Law Just Allowed An Axe-Murderer To Get Away With The Unthinkable

A deranged madman lost his mind in New York and attacked two women (one of them his ex-girlfriend), with an axe.

Tragically, he ended up murdering one of the women, who happened to be three months pregnant.

But thanks to New York’s recent abortion legislation, you won’t believe the outcome for his crime.

You see in New York, it used to be illegal to murder a baby over 24-weeks old.

But as you may recall, New York passed a crippling new abortion law allowing babies to be slaughtered up until delivery – and taking away the “crime” of murder should a pregnant woman be assaulted.

This means even if a woman does not choose abortion, and chooses to carry her baby until term, if a raging lunatic murders her unborn baby – there is no punishment.

And then to add further insult to injury, on one of the darkest days in history for unborn babies, New York celebrates by lighting the sky pink.

Because New York took away the right to life for unborn babies, the man who killed the woman with an axe and her baby won’t be charged with murdering the baby.

It’s as if a baby’s life doesn’t matter.

Live Action reported:

“The law not only allows abortion on demand throughout pregnancy, but also rewrote the penal code. Prior to the new law, if a 24-week or later pregnant woman was attacked and her baby killed, the assailant would face charges in the preborn child’s death. Now, however, it is as if the child never existed at all. An attacker who causes the death of a preborn child at any age against the mother’s wishes cannot be charged in that death.

For all the so-called “pro-women” activists – no one seems to want to speak up on behalf of a woman who was violently murdered by a lunatic with an axe, resulting not only in her death, but her precious baby.

The double standard nature some hold when it comes to defending women is sickening.

If a man murders a pregnant woman – he should face consequences for both of their deaths.

A life is a life, regardless if the baby is sitting within the womb waiting to be born, or already brought into this world.

Just because a baby hasn’t been born yet, doesn’t mean their life (and death) doesn’t matter.

Most states realize this – and protect babies by agreeing it is murder of both the mother and the baby should someone murder the baby.

Live Action reported:

“Thirty states have laws protecting wanted preborn children through all nine months of pregnancy, allowing a murderer to be charged if a preborn child is killed in an attack. Eight states protect wanted preborn children in the later part of pregnancy. New York, which previously protected wanted babies after 24 weeks gestation or “viability,” decided that protecting abortionists was more important to them, and changed the law to ensure that no abortionist could ever be charged in the death of a preborn child. But in their haste to protection abortion, New York lawmakers have also ensured that a murderer who kills a wanted child will not face justice for his crimes.”

While New York rejoiced at the inevitable nature of more deaths, the rest of the country continues to mourn at the loss of innocent lives.

Sadly, as more states are lining up to follow New York, this latest attack is just a sickening glimpse at the horror that awaits us all.

Do you think the man who murdered the woman and her baby with an axe should be charged for both deaths?

Why do you think so many “pro-women” supporters remain silent at the blatant violence against a woman and her baby?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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