One Angry Parent Has A Message For The Left – And He Is Not Alone

Americans continue to be divided on many issues, and the left continues to spread their propaganda to force everyone to adopt their agenda.

The immigration issue is on everyone’s minds right now and is creating a contentious debate in Congress to find a way to curb the crisis.

While the left wants to protect illegal immigrants above legal citizens, one parent has a message for them.

Ray Tranchant lost his 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, when she was killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk.

Tessa and her 17-year-old friend, Ally, were killed when 22-year-old Alfredo Ramos slammed into the back of their car at a high rate of speed as they were stopped at a red light.

The young girls were wearing their seatbelts but had to be cut from the wreckage.  One died on scene; the other, a short time later at the hospital.

Ramos was speeding, traveling down a road in Virginia Beach, Virginia at over 70 miles per hour.  He had a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.

When Ramos was apprehended, he had only minor injuries.  He was also found with a fake ID that was traced back to drug cartels.  He spoke no English whatsoever to explain to law enforcement what had happened.

And Tessa’s dad, Ray, wants everyone to hear his story – especially those on the left who would rather protect illegal immigrants and their children than American citizens.

Tessa and Ally leave behind devastated parents, family members, and high school friends.  And they all want to know why their voices are not being heard.

President Trump campaigned on working to end illegal immigration, particularly to stem the tidal wave of criminal immigrants escaping justice in their own countries by hiding in ours.

And thanks to left-wing governors and mayors, they continue to be sheltered from prosecution and deportation in Sanctuary Cities across the U.S.

Illegal immigrants have crossed our borders to sell drugs, build membership in gangs, and commit rape and even murder.

Leftist activists are now spewing propaganda and threats while calling conservatives “heartless” for wanting to protect our citizens, and they blame President Trump for immigrant parents and their children being separated when they enter the country illegally.

They refuse to recognize, however, that former Democratic administrations started the problem in the first place by ignoring the immigration crisis and kicking the can down the road to become someone else’s problem.

Mommy Underground recently reported on the issue of immigrant families being separated and President Trump’s executive order to keep them together.

But the crisis of illegal immigrants pouring over our borders is far from resolved – and crimes against innocent U.S. citizens continue.

As midterm elections approach, Congress continues to work toward immigration reform – but in typical fashion, no one seems to be getting anywhere.

A recently filed petition allows Congress to consider four proposals that include a border wall and what to do about so-called “Dreamers,” the children brought illegally into the U.S. by their parents as minors.

Many are now adults but have still not started the process toward citizenship.  DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has remained a hot-button issue.

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What to do about these “Dreamers” is still of utmost concern.  Last year, President Trump canceled their legal status, allowing a set period of time to either follow the legal path toward citizenship or be deported.

And the left’s demand to protect those here illegally over the safety of our own children is something Tessa’s and Ally’s parents cannot comprehend.

Ray Tranchant told Fox News that the government must stop the “invaders and people who come over our borders and decide to take laws into their own hands.”

And while the left will decry him for being anti-immigration, he wants them to know that his own mother spent nearly ten years working hard to legally become a U.S. citizen when she came from Ireland.

President Trump also addressed Tranchant and all parents who have lost a child due to a crime committed by an illegal immigrant, promising to work to protect our children.

In a comment touching on the recent uproar over families being separated at the border when crossing illegally, the President remarked that children like Tessa and Ally are the ones who are permanently being separated from their families.

What do you think of Ray Tranchant’s tragic story?  Do you think Congress will continue to kick the can down the road on passing strict immigration laws?  Leave us your comments.