One Child’s Tragic “Transgender” Case Is Not What You Think

Most families who believe in traditional values are aware of the importance of preserving them for future generations.

Families are crumbling as progressive propaganda permeates our media and schools, leading many astray with their efforts to normalize behaviors that would have been unheard of decades ago.

One family, in particular, is in the fight of their lives right now to save a child who just wants to be a regular kid.

Six-year-old James loves to swim, swing, camp, and dress up like a superhero.

He is a typical six-year-old boy in every way — every way except that his mother is forcing him to become a girl.

Unlike the stories we often see in the media where a child or teen is brainwashed into thinking they are transgender, James does NOT want to be a girl.

His mother, Anne Georgulas – a pediatrician of all things – decided when James was three years old that she wanted him to be a girl.   She started calling him “Luna.”

James has a twin brother, but Georgulas only had plans for James.  She chose to take him to a transition therapist, enroll him in “social conditioning” classes, enroll him as “Luna” in a new school, and dress him as a girl.

She puts makeup on him, makes him use the girls’ bathroom, and has forbidden James’ father to cut his hair.

Jeffrey Younger is James’ father, and he and Georgulas are in the midst of a heated custody battle.

When Younger has James at home with him, the little boy shows no desire to be a girl, and his father dresses him the way James wants – in boys’ clothes.

Georgulas, however, is making it her mission to transition the little boy and prepare him for chemical castration, which can legally be done at eight years of age.

Because the predominantly liberal courts are now so concerned with protecting people with gender dysphoria from “discrimination,” they are siding with James’ mother.

The courts have gone so far as to give James’ mother sole decision-making rights when it comes to medical and psychiatric care for their son.

Jeffrey Younger has been formally ordered by the court not to interfere in Georgulas’ plans to transition James, including her plan to begin hormonal therapy and then sexual reassignment surgery in two years.

He is not allowed to dress him as a boy, teach him Biblical principles about sexuality, or in any way discouraging James from being a boy.  To do so would mean completely losing contact with his child.

But it gets worse.

Because psychiatric care and transition therapies are considered part of child support, Jeffrey Younger is being forced to pay for his son’s sessions and treatments.

James’ mother is also moving to completely terminate Younger’s parental rights and have a restraining order issued against him to prevent him from having contact with his child.

She has even accused him of child abuse for not encouraging James to be a girl.

The transition therapist that Georgulas hired to assess James diagnosed him with gender dysphoria, but family, friends, and other experts disagree.

Gender dysphoria is diagnosed when a child is “persistent, consistent, and insistent” about being the opposite sex.

James is none of these things, acting like one child with one parent and a totally different child with the other.

It seems that in this, James is a typical six-year-old.  He is in the middle of a terrible situation – which his mother is making much worse – and appears to just want to appease both of the parents he loves.

One expert states that “the fact that James changes gender identity depending on which parent is present makes the diagnosis of gender dysphoria both dubious and harmful.

 The glaring disparity between a child’s preferred identity when in the presence of one parent versus the other should cause a therapist to reassess, perhaps nullify the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and terminate any steps toward transition.  But in the case of James, this hasn’t happened,” reports LifeSite News.

Other experts who have reviewed the case agree that James does not have gender dysphoria.

They point to the growing trend of pediatricians and the courts to politicize the issue, ignoring science to appease a growing progressive agenda.

Another expert in gender identity in children believes that it is Anne Georgulas who is suffering from a mental health issue, saying that some mothers force their sons to become girls because they so badly want one in a condition known as “gender mourning.”

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These experts agree that James’ original diagnosis of gender dysphoria must be nullified, and the courts must order a second opinion by a therapist who is not influenced by Anne Georgulas.

Jeffrey Younger’s friends and family have started a website called “Save James.”

Close friends have posted about James’ natural desire to want to be a normal six-year-old boy. They are standing by Jeffrey Younger, saying he is a good father suffering in a broken and biased system.

Anne Georgulas is financially well-off as a pediatrician, and Jeffrey Younger struggles to pay the enormous costs of defending himself and his son’s wishes.

From the Save James website:

This is really happening right here where we live.  Doctors perform sex-change surgeries on children in Texas…chemically castrate children as young as 8 years old to suppress puberty and prepare children for sex-change surgery, [and] courts force non-custodial parents to pay for transgender therapy and sexual mutilation of their own children. If parents object, the courts can remove parental rights and jail them.  Schools are going along with it.

It is truly unbelievable how a small minority of gender-confused citizens with true mental health issues have been able to change laws, turn our court system upside-down, and make our public schools indoctrination centers.

We pray for little James – that he be allowed to grow into a healthy young man surrounded by family and friends who support him for who he is.

And we pray that the tide once again turns to support and encourage the traditional values our nation was founded on.

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