One Man’s Sickening Legacy, Carried On By Modern Progressives

The fight for the lives of unborn children has reached a fever-pitch as state after state passes laws that endanger the most innocent among us.

The rise of abortion on demand in the U.S. and, in fact, around the world has dark and sinister roots that have been pushed on our society as the new norm through leftist propaganda.

And much of the foundation of what radical progressives preach today can be found in the business dealings of one wealthy, powerful man.

Clarence Gamble was heir to the billions made by the Proctor and Gamble corporation – still in business today, and still one of Planned Parenthood’s large donors.

Gamble was a Princeton University graduate, earned a medical degree from Harvard in the 1920s, and was almost obsessively focused on population control.

During this time, Gamble formed close friendships with others who shared his views, most notably Margaret Sanger.

Yes, the Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood.

In 1937, he was appointed the Medical Field Director for Sanger’s American Birth Control League, the precursor to Planned Parenthood.

Gamble, along with Sanger and other wealthy friends in his circle, were very fond of the concept of eugenics and thought that all “mentally unfit” persons should be sterilized in order to keep genetic “defects” from entering the population.

In fact, Gamble sought to make it the law of the land that anyone in a mental ward be sterilized.

In 1957, Gamble founded Pathfinder International, an organization that to this day promotes abortion and hands out contraceptives like candy to impoverished communities all over the world.

He was also the first American individual to personally fund population control in underdeveloped nations.

Author James A. Miller penned a piece in 1996 for the Population Research Institute on Gamble’s frightening legacy, stating that Pathfinder is “one of the most militant, well-funded, and pervasive organizations promoting population control throughout the world — especially in underdeveloped nations.”

And even in its beginnings, the Pathfinder project took a more sinister turn.

Gamble and his team traveled the country – and also overseas to impoverished nations in Africa and in South America – to spread the word about contraception in all its forms.

And the team followed certain “criteria” on whom to target.

Leaders of the contraceptive teams supposedly held that there would be “strict medical indications” to enroll people in a program to receive free contraception.

But James Miller writes that one doctor said the guidelines supposedly required for a patient’s enrollment in the program “‘are sufficiently elastic; so as not to deny service to ‘those deserving it,’ namely… indigent populations, and Negroes.”

Thus, Gamble’s team and others “involved in the work,” like Sanger and their colleagues, were perpetuating a form of eugenics against the working poor and minorities.

One “contraceptive” team was focused on the state of North Carolina where Gamble traveled to speak on his vast experience in promoting eugenics and controlling “undesirable populations.”

Miller reports that one Board of Health Director introduced Gamble at a local meeting and stated that the project was “designed to promote a ‘positive breeding of better family children…and the curbing of the breeding of the undesirables.’”

Gamble seemed to think of himself as some sort of Good Samaritan in bringing free contraceptives to the poor so they would not be “burdened” with too many children.  In fact, he was working on his first large-scale experiment in creating the “perfect” population.

One of his most disturbing comments was, “with contraception, it is possible…to enable an unwanted child to avoid an entire lifetime of unhappy, unhealthy surroundings.  Can any medical problem be more important?,” reported Miller in his “Betting With Lives” article on Gamble and Pathfinder.

The sickening comments of this uber-wealthy American businessman go on and on.  He would lament that population growth was “unfortunately” not coming from “the more intelligent levels of society” and his life’s mission was to rid the world of anyone he deemed unequal to himself.

Gamble was already dabbling in racist eugenics when Margaret Sanger designed a project to reduce the birth rates of “negroes.”

It is believed she approached Gamble to write the project proposal with the sickening passage, “The mass of Negroes, particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the [population] increase among Negroes…is from that portion…least intelligent and fit, and least able to rear children properly.”

Miller writes that Sanger then wrote Gamble a letter about the need for discretion.  After all, they didn’t want anyone to know they wanted to stop an entire race from having children.

It is from this twisted and unbelievable system of beliefs that Pathfinder International and Planned Parenthood were developed.

Today, countless international organizations carry on Gamble’s and Sanger’s work by working to control the populations of impoverished nations with government-subsidized contraception and freely available abortions.

It is this twisted mindset that is causing nations to eradicate from their populations children with Down syndrome and other genetic disorders.

It is this mindset that progressives base their anti-life agenda on, fighting for the murder of the unborn with fervor and believing that a woman is not free unless she has unlimited access to contraception and abortion.

Even today, the Pathfinder International website boasts about Dr. Gamble’s “legacy,” proud that Gamble and his team helped to start contraceptive clinics in the 1930s that “would later become Planned Parenthood clinics.”

The site also states with pride that Gamble and his workers established “Family Planning Associations” on six continents, and that “most would subsequently become members of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.”

Their shameful and tragic legacy is being carried on by progressive torch-bearers who seem proud of the roots of Planned Parenthood and Pathfinder – two organizations that promoted racism, eugenics, and murder.

Mommy Underground has also reported on Clarence Gamble’s daughter, Judy Kahrl, who has started a pro-abortion group called “Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR).”

Kahrl seemed to be inspired to carry on her father’s work – the “right” to abortion – from accompanying him as a child on his many travels.

The legacy of those who developed the anti-life culture in the U.S. and around the world should never be celebrated.

It is a shameful part of our nation’s history, and the radical progressives who continue to spread this ideology are creating a black mark on the history of the human race that can never be erased.

There will be no human equality, no human rights, for any of us if we cannot promote the God-given right to life to our most innocent and vulnerable – human beings formed in the womb, alive from the moment of conception.

What do you think of the shocking and sickening history of some of our nation’s leading abortion advocacy and population control organizations?  Leave us your comments.




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