One Man’s Trick Raises Some Frightening Questions For Society

Nearly every day, we are subjected to a new demand by the LGBT community.

They push for open acceptance of their alternative lifestyles and criticize anyone who disagrees.

Now one man has put a twist on the gender insanity – and it has become an example of just how out of hand things have become.

Those who identify as transgender go to extreme lengths to change their biology, and they expect special rights and privileges for their decision.

News and discussion of the transgender lifestyle is everywhere we look, and if it weren’t a human being endangering themselves, we might laugh it off as the latest “trend.”

A Canadian man has now shown just how far downhill things have gone in our culture by using the left’s own game against them.

The man known as “David” was unhappy during a recent car-buying trip when his insurance company gave him a much higher than expected rate to insure the new vehicle.

Almost jokingly, he asked what his rate would be if he were a woman.  Furious that it would be almost a hundred dollars more a month simply because he was a man, he set off on a quest.

“David” decided to legally become a woman, just to save a few bucks.

But here’s where the story goes from silly to making us really stop and think about what is happening in our country – and abroad – these days.

David found it remarkably easy to legally change his gender – no questions asked.

This is the legacy of the left in forcing their agenda on our culture.  All David had to do was tell his doctor he decided to identify as a woman, get a note from the physician to send to vital records and DMV and – boom – his birth certificate was changed to reflect him now being a female.

Yes, this is fraud.  But it is also a symptom of a disease that is wiping out the values our nation was founded on.

Journalist Phil Lawler remarks in an editorial on the rise of transgenderism that, In a society controlled by the transgender ideology, society is trained to accept the absurd.”

He quotes writer Stella Morabito that the ideology requires “a mind-body disconnect that is unsustainable in any functioning human society.”

“Is this alarmist thinking? If you think so, reflect on the fact that most of our most influential institutions, from the White House to the university to Hollywood and even to some religious congregations, proudly proclaim their desire to accommodate the “LGBT” community. Needless to say the “T” stands for the transsexuals, who are determined to gain acceptance in the American mainstream.”

The issue is that because of the push by radical progressives to change the world in their image, the small percent of the population that have gender dysphoria are impacting the world more than we can imagine.

Laws are being changed on a whim, and many in society are so afraid of the left’s scare tactics, that they don’t dare try to argue.

“David” was able to get a note from his physician stating he is a different gender, simply by asking for one.

Why?  Because doctors are afraid of the left’s wrath if they dare question their agenda.  The medical community is giving people with gender dysphoria access to dangerous, disfiguring treatments and surgeries just because they ask for them.

There is no other medication or elective surgery that a physician will give a patient just because they ask – period.

Extensive tests are usually run, and other issues are ruled out.  Gender dysphoria is an illness, but is not treated as such.

And at one time, it would have been laughable to go to a state Department of Vital Records or your local DMV and ask to have your gender changed.  They would look at you like you had two heads.

Now, however, the bullying tactics are working because the left has near-limitless power to demand what they want.  And society is becoming complacent because we are so inundated with the “absurd” that it is becoming normal.

David is a straight man and admits to using the transgender trend to “get his way.”

But it is a frightening example of just how accepted the transgender lifestyle has become – and serves as a warning that if we don’t end our “mind-body disconnect” to the absurd, our culture will be in far greater moral decay than we already are.

And it won’t take long.

Activist Mommy makes a good point:  This is what you get when you try to change the rules as to how gender is determined. Either we go with the biological gender God gave us, and find safe, practical solutions for treating those suffering with mental illness that makes them “feel” otherwise, or anything goes.

Interestingly enough, courts in the European Union have seen fraud cases similar to that of “David’s” and have ruled that insurance companies may no longer charge different rates for men and women.

Just another example of how things that don’t even relate to transgenderism are having to be changed because of it.

What do you think of the ease at which a Canadian man was able to legally change his gender?  Leave us your thoughts.





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