One Mother Suffered The Unthinkable Humiliation For Breastfeeding In Public

One local mom decided to dine out at a restaurant and didn’t think twice about breastfeeding her new baby at the table.

But you won’t believe the reaction she received when she started to feed her baby.

Even worse, the manager of the restaurant came up to her and uttered the most humiliating statement.

The mom was feeding her premature baby, who survived being born at just 32 weeks.

This baby was fragile, and delicate.

Naturally, the mom didn’t want to suffocate the baby’s face and cover her up while she breastfed, so she thought she was safe to breastfeed her baby in a local restaurant.

Never did she dream people would look down on her, for feeding her own child.

But sadly, this mom endured more than disapproving stares, the actual restaurant manager came up to her and asked her to “cover up”.

Humiliated, the mom left the restaurant.

The double standard women endure today is sickening.

Some women choose to dress in revealing clothing, and they are welcomed and even encouraged to frequent restaurants, as if they are items to be eyed up and down by men.

Yet a mother feeding her premature baby is told to “cover up”, and has to face the humiliation no mother should face simply for feeding her baby.

A mother should not have to think twice about feeding her hungry baby.

Before the mother left, she did stand up for herself and let the manager know Iowa law allows women to breastfeed in public, including restaurants, but she still made the decision to leave the restaurant anyway.

And really, who could blame her?

She should be able to have a peaceful meal without feeling like an outcast.

There is nothing dirty about a mother breastfeeding her baby.

It’s a beautiful act, which bonds the mother and child together, in addition to satisfying the baby’s physical hung pains.

One restaurant down the street welcomed breastfeeding moms, and even had a sign on the window encouraging them to come in.

But this frustrated mom admitted she wished people would simply be more like the accepting restaurant down the street, and understand the simple fact she is just trying to feed her baby.

WQAD reported her plea to the world:

“I’m doing the best I can and I realize to some people it might look a little weird and I realize to some people, they might be shocked by it but all I’m trying to do is nurse my infant.”

It’s a sad day when people think it’s “weird” to have a mother feed her baby.

But as Mommy Underground previously reported, sadly this isn’t the first time a woman was shunned for feeding her baby.

And time after time again, women are shamed, simply for feeding their sweet baby.

New mothers already struggle with sleepless nights, and the emotional toll of taking care of a newborn baby.

The last thing they need is to feel embarrassed or shamed, simply for feeding their baby.

Why do you think society has a double standard, encouraging some women to “take it off”, while encouraging breastfeeding moms to “cover it up”?

Do you think a woman should be shamed for breastfeeding her baby in public?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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