One Student Stands Against The Left’s Staggering Hypocrisy

The left has been spreading their propaganda with the carefully crafted purpose of destroying traditional values.

They have organized countless protests and riots, including several involving students, which showed how deeply their ideology is taking root in the vulnerable minds of our youth.

There is hope, however – following the rabid anti-gun marches organized by students following the tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting, one student is on a mission to fight back against the left’s agenda.

Rocklin, California high school student, Brandon Gillespie, came up with the idea of holding a walkout to protest the massacre of preborn children due to abortion.

Wednesday, April 11th, hundreds of pro-life students participated in the 17-minute walkout – mimicking the 17-minute anti-gun walkout by students last month – for a time of silence and prayer symbolizing the murder of ten children every 17 minutes by Planned Parenthood.

Students for Life America supported the event, also testing the double-standard practiced by school administration in “allowing students to protest against destroyers of life and the tools they use.”

LifeSite News reported:

“We will no longer tolerate legal abortion in our nation, which has killed more than a fourth of our generation,” the event page [read]. “We will no longer watch as our leaders in Washington continue to fund our nation’s largest abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood, with more than $500 million of our taxpayer dollars. We will no longer permit Planned Parenthood and their allies in the abortion industry to target our peers for their predatory business cycle.”

Gillespie was inspired to hold the event when he found a favorite teacher suspended for two days for raising the idea in class of whether schools would allow the same kinds of protests for conservative issues as they do for those like gun control.

Part experiment, part prayer vigil, Students for Life America said that hundreds of high school students nationwide participated in the event.

Not surprisingly, school administration showed which side it favors – and the truth of a double-standard on issues — with their hypocritical remarks on the walkout.

LifeSite News continued:

A Rocklin Unified School District spokesperson told CNS News that while pro-life students will not face disciplinary action for participating, the school will not officially sanction the event because it isn’t “viewpoint neutral.”

By contrast, the district claimed that the gun walkout qualified as a “special event” because it was a “viewpoint neutral” “remembrance activity.” However, CNS News notes that the gun walkout did advocate specific policy viewpoints, such as support for banning high-capacity magazines and opposition to concealed carry reciprocity legislation.

Gillespie added that the school waited until the last minute to respond to his requests, and in the end denied him teacher flexibility in lesson planning and the use of school sound equipment. The school had previously granted both accommodations to the gun activists. “It just confirms for me that there is a political double standard, at least in my school district, but I’m still going to be out there,” he said.

It is highly disturbing to see just how influenced our public schools are by the liberal agenda, and how hypocritical they have been in their response to the pro-life walkout.

In fact, Life Legal Defense Foundation sent a letter to Rocklin High School administration this week informing them that legal action would ensue if the school attempted any kind of discipline against Gillespie, or any other students who participated in the walkout.

The letter included a reference to a 1973 ruling – ironically the same year of the passage of Roe v. Wade – that provides for equal protection of views under the First Amendment.

LifeSite News reported:

It is “well settled that once a forum is opened for the expression of views, regardless of how unusual the forum, under the dual mandate of the first amendment and the equal protection clause neither the government nor any private censor may pick and choose between those views which may or may not be expressed,” the US First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 1973, as quoted by the letter.

“This is a blatant case of content discrimination and arbitrary favoritism,” Life Legal executive director Alexandra Snyder said. “Rocklin High School’s decision treats the Pro-life Walkout differently than the way the school treated the gun walkout, which violates the First Amendment and the Equal Protection rights of every student participating in the Pro-life walkout.”

For now, no disciplinary action is being taken with students who participated in the walkout, and Gillespie is standing by his decision and ready to continue to fight for the unborn.

His experiment proves the double-standard so prevalent in our nation today.  The left will attack conservative values and causes and corrupt our youth, yet will be the first to protest our ability to fight for the values we believe in.

It is refreshing to see that there are still brave students who are not afraid to stand for their values, call out the left’s hypocrisy, and fight for the lives of future generations.

What do you think of the hypocritical remarks of the school administration in labeling the anti-gun walkout as “viewpoint neutral,” but not the pro-life walkout?  Leave us your comments.



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