Pandering To Whining Students Has Caused A Major Problem

In the olden days, students worked hard to earn A’s in school and often put in countless hours of study and preparation to be a cut above the rest.

But due to the new leftist mantra of “fairness”, suddenly everything has changed.

And now that teachers cower to students, afraid of making them upset with a “bad grade”, the game has shifted, but the consequences are dire.

These days, students run the schools.

Teachers continue to bow down to students’ commands, walking on eggshells to protect “feelings”.

But recent research shows the danger of grade inflation.

USA Today reported:

“The good news on America’s report cards: More high school teachers are handing out A’s. But the bad news is that students aren’t necessarily learning more.

Recent findings show that the proportion of high school seniors graduating with an A average — that includes an A-minus or A-plus — has grown sharply over the past generation, even as average SAT scores have fallen.

In 1998, it was 38.9%. By last year, it had grown to 47%.

That’s right: Nearly half of America’s Class of 2016 are A students. Meanwhile, their average SAT score fell from 1,026 to 1,002 on a 1,600-point scale — suggesting that those A’s on report cards might be fool’s gold.

The new findings come courtesy of two researchers: Michael Hurwitz of the College Board, the folks who bring you the SAT; and Jason Lee, a doctoral student at the University of Georgia’s Institute of Higher Education.

Hurwitz called the rise of the A average “really stunning.”

Teachers are literally limiting their student’s ability to get into good colleges by inflating grades and giving out A’s that aren’t earned.

When it comes time to take the SAT, students aren’t scoring as high as they used to because they aren’t really learning.

And when students get to college the pandering continues.

When Hillary lost the election, students had safe spaces to “color” and “cry” to let their feelings out.

Other teachers canceled exams so students could process the “trauma” of having Trump as President.

But what teachers fail to realize is they are ruining the future for adolescents.

The real world doesn’t work like a high-school grade free-for-all or a faux “safe” college campus.

Teachers would do better to teach their students how to cope with disappointments and realize the world isn’t a fair place.

Breitbart reported:

“Stuart Rojstaczer, formerly of Duke University and founder of, notes on his website that he has been examining the trend of grade inflation since 2003 when he wrote in an op-ed at the Washington Post:

A’s are common as dirt in universities nowadays because it’s almost impossible for a professor to grade honestly. If I sprinkle my classroom with the C’s some students deserve, my class will suffer from declining enrollments in future years. In the marketplace mentality of higher education, low enrollments are taken as a sign of poor-quality instruction. I don’t have any interest in being known as a failure.

Parents and students want high grades. Given that students are consumers of an educational product for which they pay dearly, I am expected to cater to their desires not just to be educated well but to receive a positive reward for their enrollment. So I don’t give C’s anymore, and neither do most of my colleagues. And I can easily imagine a time when I’ll say the same thing about B’s.”

Hard-work should be taught. Grades should be earned, not given.

And sadly, the top-performers are the ones who suffer most.

After all, what incentive does one have to work hard if the same grade is handed out to everyone?

Do you think A’s should be given out to students who haven’t earned them?

Are you surprised SAT scores are dropping as a result of teachers’ carelessness with handing out A’s?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.