Parents Have Their Child Taken For Refusing Transgender Hormones

Parents have a lot to worry about in these troubled times. There is the influence of the media, safety concerns in the school, and debauchery among peers.

With all of this going on, most parents have taken on a paradoxically lax approach to child-rearing.

Instead of being more cautious, and having more conversations about all things morally repugnant that they will encounter, caregivers have been coaxed into embracing these evils by the soapbox members of society.

When a parent does show concern and approaches progressive ways of life as a lesson to be learned with their children, they are deemed unfit, or intolerant; which can be considered a more hazardous label by some.

The Daily Wire revealed many conservative parent’s worst nightmare:

On Friday, Ohio parents were denied custody of their daughter for not being supportive enough of her alleged transgenderism.

The 17-year-old biologically female child identifies as a boy and claims she has suicidal thoughts over her parents’ lack of support for her transgenderism (they won’t, for example, call her by her new chosen male name). The parents were fighting for custody of their daughter back from the state in an effort to stop potential transgender hormone treatment.”

Since when is not calling your child by a name that is not legally theirs illegal?

How the law was twisted to take this child from her parents at such a critical time in her life, is beyond fathomable.

Suicidal thoughts would land you in a psychiatric ward, which is where this troubled young lady may need to head anyway, not to a different family who will give in to every rebellious request of a teenager.

Enclosed in the Daily Wire article the case was unfolded to show even more ludicrously:

An attorney representing the parents, whose names have not been disclosed because of privacy concerns, argued that the girl was not “even close to being able to make such a life-altering decision at this time.” Representatives of the girl argued that a “medical team” claimed that the treatment was a matter of life and death.”

It seems fair the parents who have raised her, would know the state of mind she is in, and if they thought she was in a position to be making extreme decisions that will affect the rest of her life.

One would be curious to know how transgender hormone therapy would be a matter of “life and death.” If it is because she is threatening suicide, it seems like she needs the opposite of more control over her life; the one she doesn’t seem to value too much.

A judge granted custody to the grandparents of the girl because they will allow the girl to pursue transgender hormone therapy.

It appears the courts are only looking for loopholes for this confused girl to carry out a liberal agenda, not to find a solution that favors her best interest.

The attorney of the parents sees it this way as well. The Daily Wire reported:

Karen Brinkman, the parents’ attorney, argued that granting the grandparents custody was merely an act to circumvent “the necessity of parents’ consent” and was not in the child’s best interest.”

The Hamilton County Judge Hendon, who gave the custody over to the grandparents, also, offered the option to change the girl’s name to her preferred male name in probate court, according to CNN.

Now the grandparents, instead of the parents, will make all the medical decisions for the child, according to The Daily Wire, which will inevitably be to pump this girl full of medications that will drastically alter everything she has ever known.

After a series of painful court proceedings, the young lady’s parents are now only granted visitation rights for a daughter they were fighting to keep healthy, physically and mentally.

And, of course, the parents had their Christian faith used against them. They thought that the moral and lawful citizens were the crazy ones when they wanted to take a perfectly healthy girl, rip her from her home, and help convince her that her body is a mistake.

It was not negligence on the parents’ part that led them to the decision to not support their daughter in her adolescent endeavors.

The parents

have done their due diligence contacting medical professionals, collecting thousands of hours of research and relying on their observation of their own child … that led them to the conclusion that this is not in their child’s best interest,” the attorney said, according to The Daily Wire.

It is extremely sad to see a legal system in which we put our trust in to protect us against injustice, has been sabotaged by liberal bias to do harm to the family unit.

There is such limited protection for the conservative family against wanting to hold true to a set of values that preserve life and protect the sanctity therein.

Please let us know what you think of the courts allowing a child to be taken from their parents’ custody for not abiding a teenage girl’s request to change her gender.

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