Paying It Forward: Child Leukemia Survivor Becomes Nurse And Returns To Help Others

Leukemia is the most common childhood cancer, and each year thousands of parents receive the devastating diagnosis their precious child has leukemia. 

21-year old Katy Payne was herself diagnosed with leukemia, but despite the odds she survived.

Not forgetting all she went through, she decided to give back to the medical profession so she studied to become a nurse – but that’s not all she did to pay it forward. 

Katy decided she wanted to be a nurse at the same hospital that helped her while she faced her battle with leukemia. 

After undergoing difficult treatment for her cancer, Katy was determined to use all the pain and suffering she went through for good.

Even though she was only a child, Katy felt strongly the need to use her tragedy to one day help others.

That’s when she went on to tell her mom her plans should she get better. 

Fox News reported:

“She told SWNS that it was after one of her more difficult sessions of treatment that she told her mom, at a very young age, that she wanted to be a nurse.

“My mom always tells me that I woke up from a lumbar puncture and I looked at her with my bald head and smiley face and said, ‘Mom, when I’m older I will become a nurse and make all the children better like they help me.’”

Incredible at such a young age, after being forced to endure lumbar punctures with a bald head of hair, young Katy knew there was a calling on her life.

Instead of becoming depressed and sad she was missing out on normal childhood activities, she was determined to survive and then help others. 

And as it turns out, it wasn’t just lip service.

Katy actually put in the hard work to become a nurse and graduated…

… and followed through on her plan to return to the same place she once was to help other children. 

So many people go through life and survive tragedies making promises but don’t end up paying it forward.

What a beautiful story of a child, who went through more pain and suffering than many people experience in a lifetime, and was determined to then be a companion to other children who are currently hurting. 

While many children do end up surviving leukemia, not all do.  And those that do survive still have to deal with multiple doctor’s appointments and painful treatment that no child should ever have to endure. 

Katy’s gratitude to be there during their pain is heartwarming.

Thank you for your kind heart, Katy! 

What are your thoughts on Katy deciding to dedicate her life to being a nurse to help children in the same hospital where she was treated for leukemia?

Do you have a special message you’d like to leave Katy?

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