Planned Parenthood Has A Secret Fund, And You Won’t Believe Its Purpose

Planned Parenthood is known for having no regard for human life, but this latest story hits rock bottom, even for them.

You see, Planned Parenthood continues to get rich off the backs of scared young women who stumble into the clinic looking for help, but end up leaving bruised and scarred, both literally and emotionally.

But as it turns out, Planned Parenthood has another source of income they don’t always discuss.

And it took former Planned Parenthood abortion workers finally speaking out about this underground fund to blow it wide open.

It works like this, if a woman comes into Planned Parenthood and asks for an abortion, and doesn’t have the money, instead of turning her away; there is an entire underground dark world of cash lingering behind closed doors.

This money is used to bribe women to get abortions, as it provides them for free.

Let that sink in – free abortions.

All a woman has to do is answer a few simple questions and state she has no money for the abortion.

And as it turns out this “Justice Fund” as they call it has a whopping $23 million-dollar fund propped up by wealthy billionaire Warren Buffet.

Live Action reported:

“Abortion workers would first try to convince women to add to their credit card debt or borrow the money. But if there was no other way a woman could pay, workers used the fund to ensure that the women went through with their abortions. 

Not surprisingly, only a small fraction of Justice Fund money was put up by Planned Parenthood itself. There were some cuts made to workers’ salaries to add money to the fund.

But the vast majority came from donations. Abby Johnson explains (emphasis added):

And this pot of money, Justice Fund money, it’s about $23 million a year. And it is given by Warren Buffett through his foundation… as basically a population control measure because Warren Buffett is very much a population control type of guy. He gives it to the National Abortion Federation and then NAF distributes it, to all the affiliated Justice Fund providers. To all Planned Parenthood clinics. All Planned Parenthood clinics are Justice Fund providers. And any other clinic that is part of NAF, part of the National Abortion Federation.

It’s just an association that they pay dues to. So $23 million a year going into this pot of money.”

But it gets even worse.

Not only does Planned Parenthood use this money to fund the actual abortion, they actually use the blood money to host girls in a hotel for days, and pay for their food after the abortion.

Many women have figured out they can actually make money having an abortion, and they game the system by having multiple abortions, or getting money for a hotel when they are within walking distance of the clinic.

Live Action continued:

“A number of abortionists and abortion workers have commented on how women coming for repeat abortions makes them uncomfortable. One abortion worker expressed disgust at a woman having her eleventh abortion. Other abortion workers have spoken about their uneasiness with these women as well. 

The women who were given Justice Fund money had an added incentive to go through with their abortions. They actually made money having them.”

Planned Parenthood actually pays for women to murder their babies.

The levels they will stoop to in order to slay unborn babies has bottomed out to a sickening new low.

Women need to be supported with an advocate who is for them, not surrounded by a bunch of crooks buying them off and leading them astray.

What are your thoughts on Planned Parenthood’s “Justice” Fund?

Do you think Planned Parenthood’s dirty fund encourages women to choose abortion more often?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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