Postpartum Depression Is Real – Here’s What You Need To Know

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and special moments a woman can experience.

Carrying a baby in the womb for nine months, and then giving birth to a child is a miraculous miracle of God.

But with the joy, some moms struggle with postpartum depression and often feel guilty and confused about what they are experiencing, and it’s critical every mom suffering remembers this one thing.

You are not alone.

If you are a new mom struggling with postpartum depression, you might feel all alone.

Or even doubt your ability as a mother.

After all, some will tell you that you should feel 100 percent “happy” and joyful at all times.

Others might shame you for not having it all together.

However, if you find yourself struggling to get it together after you give birth, you might feel all alone.

But moms, rest assured, you are not alone and what you are feeling is normal!

One mom shared the experience she endured being a first-time mom.

Parents reported:

“I felt gross. I felt exhausted. I did not feel like myself. It was not just that I felt like I had been hit by a truck because a tiny human had just come through an opening that is normally the size of a coin, but it was also how my physical state affected me emotionally. I felt like my body was destroyed after I had a baby. As a first-time mom, I had no idea that I would feel that way, and more so, how scared that would make me feel.”

While many moms prepare (or try to) prepare for the physical part of birth, sometimes the emotional part is negated.

But there is absolutely an emotional side to giving birth!

And once the change happens, many moms aren’t prepared to deal with the aftermath.

In addition, while many women know their bodies will change, they aren’t prepared for just how much it will impact them.

Parents continued:

 “I had always taken pride in my appearance and tried to look put together whether I was going out with friends or to work. In the weeks after Baby came home, I would look in the mirror and see a tired mom with bags under her eyes, no makeup, and clothes with spit-up on them. I felt like I had given up the ability to look attractive ever again by becoming a mom.”

For new moms, it can be scary to deal with the aftermath of giving birth.

After all – the body goes through a great ordeal – to carry a baby for 9 months, and then deliver.

And with hormones fluctuating all out of whack, it’s normal for moms to feel this way.

If you’re a mom who is struggling with depression after giving birth – please know you are not alone.

Make sure you communicate your feelings to trusted friends and family.

Other moms have experienced the same thing, and they can be a resource to you and provide comfort.

And remember, you did it!

You brought a beautiful life into this world, you are a mother and that is one of the greatest callings any woman can have.

Don’t let postpartum depression get you down.

And most important – don’t feel guilty.

Enjoy being a mother, and all the blessings that come with it.

Have you ever experienced postpartum depression?

What advice do you have to other moms who might be struggling?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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