President Trump Saves Christmas And Liberals Lose Their Minds

President Trump campaigned on the promise to bring back Merry Christmas, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Gone are the days of “political correctness” hyped up during the Obama years, and with Trump running the show, he is saving Christmas, literally.

But liberals are in a disarray at the very thought of the word Christmas being uttered, and social justice warriors and left-wing activists are determined to stop Trump, but they’re missing one major thing…

You see, President Trump is on the same side as the majority of Americans who celebrate Christmas.

The American people want Christmas back!

Small town liberal activists have attempted to ban Christmas by shutting down nativity scenes and claiming the word Christmas is offensive.

But with Trump running America, the game is over, and Christmas is back.

And liberals can’t stand it.

A leftist Washington Post columnist went on a tirade towards Trump, even criticizing Melania Trump’s choice of decorations.

And when Trump mentioned the name of Jesus, she literally lost her mind.

Breitbart reported:

“Melania and I are full of joy at the start of this very blessed season,” Trump said, “the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

 Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak, however, is protecting the legacy of former President Barack Obama, whom she writes was not a Grinch when it comes to wishing “Merry Christmas” and celebrating the holy day.

 “He even signed an executive order giving federal employees Christmas Eve off” in 2012, she defends Obama.

 Dvorak continues, complaining as well about Melania Trump’s choice of Christmas decorations.

Dvorak claims conservatives have trumped up “the tiresome and ridiculous ‘war on Christmas’ narrative every time Trump ‘needed a quick cheer,’” Not to be confused with the “war on women” narrative the left streams out whenever Planned Parenthood is embroiled in yet another scandal.

 “There is no war on Christmas,” Dvorak asserts, adding, however, that there is a war on Jews and Muslims, “fueled by our commander in chief.”

 Leave it to liberals to use the Christmas season to take a swipe at President Trump accusing him of being a bigot.

But do you think Trump is intimated by whining liberals?

Not a chance.

In fact, in typical Trump fashion, he doubled down his Christmas message.

 The White House reported:

“And remember, I was the one — when I was here last time, I said, we’re going to have Christmas again. I was the one that said, you go to the department stores and you see “Happy New Years,” and you see red, and you see snow, and you see all these things. You don’t see “Merry Christmas” anymore.

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 With Trump as your President, we are going to be celebrating Merry Christmas again.”

Indeed, how freeing it is to see Merry Christmas again.

Conservatives can relax and celebrate the Christmas season, without having to tiptoe around the word Christmas.

Liberals continue to learn an important lesson – President Trump is in charge, and Christmas is back!

What message do you want to tell liberals who are determined to bury the Christmas spirit for good?

Do you think President Trump will be successful in bringing Christmas back?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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