Pro-Aborts Flaunt A “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” Float To Spread Horrific Message

Imagine walking down the street with your child as a parade passes through.

Massive crowds, bright colored floats, and people all around.

But then, you are filled with horror, as you realize this isn’t just any parade, but is an LGBT parade celebrating the darkness in the world.

To add further insult to injury, along comes a float down the street with the words “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” sprawled in big letters.

As if murdering unborn babies is something to boast or celebrate.

But that’s exactly the float that was displayed in New York City during the local LGBT parade.

Proving yet again, the LGBT movement is tied not only to eradicating gender, but also unborn babies.

One pro-abort supporter, Viva Ruiz created a group called “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION.”

Yes, there is actually a group that promotes abortion, in the name of God.

Ruiz went on to boast about the abortions she’s had, and decided to have a banner on a float during the LGBT parade in New York City to pump up abortion.

In addition, she used her site to raise funds to support Planned Parenthood, a known giant in the abortion world responsible for countless deaths.

The Daily Wire reported:

“The black and white “Thank God for Abortion” float was crowdfunded on Ruiz’s site and is apparently the first of its kind at the pride parade.

“A never before seen spectacle of AUTONOMY and CONVICTION. Abortion is BASIC HEALTH CARE. Abortion rights are queer rights. WE RAISED THE FUNDS THANKS TO YOU. THIS IS A PEOPLE POWERED PROJECT,” says the site, which is basically a platform to sell pro-abortion t-shirts.

In May, 20% of the t-shirt sales went to taxpayer-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, claims Ruiz.”

It’s heartbreaking and infuriating to see women celebrating the slaughter of innocent life.

And even worse, these women act as if abortion is something God celebrates and endorses.

To have a woman stand up proudly with a banner reading “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION”, shows just how far we have fallen as a society.

Every day, innocent babies are slaughtered at the hands of cold abortionists.

And left in the shadows are mothers who are forced to grieve the loss at what they’ve done, as they cry tears of regret at innocent life spared before its time.

But according to some liberal activists – abortion is something to be celebrated and cherished – so much so they decided to make a giant float promoting and celebrating the unthinkable.

We should weep and mourn for the loss of innocent life, not boast about the power to murder innocent babies.

Liberals in both pro-abort camps are now teaming up with the LGBT crowd, in a desperate attempt to do away with traditional family values.

Now more than ever, conservative moms must work together to shut down these out of control leftists.

Unborn babies are vulnerable, and they need bold advocates who aren’t afraid to speak out, and defend the value of life.

What are your thoughts on the “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” float at the parade?

Do you think a coalition of pro-aborts and LGBT activists is a dangerous thing?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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