Pro-LGBT Group Targets Children With Demands Of More “Prime Time” TV Spots For LGBT Characters 

LGBT activists are at it again, and this time they are demanding even more television time for LGBT characters. 

Even though they’ve hijacked children’s cartoons and teenage sitcoms, they’re still convinced they don’t have enough airtime to parade their “transgender” characters around.

So in typical leftist fashion, liberals are throwing an absolute fit and demanding that by 2025 1 out of every 5 characters on prime time will be LGBT.

LGBT activists wrongly claim they just want “equal representation” – except the truth is they make up such a small minority of the world’s population.

Even though they are a minority, they act as though the entire world needs to cater to their specific agenda, or else. 

LifeSite News reports that less than 5 percent of Americans “identify” as LGBT.

But from the aggressive campaigns of LBGT activists – they act like they are the majority.

They aren’t satisfied to just pander to their base – they insist on shoving their way of life down the throats of every American.

Moms were outraged when once beloved cartoons had LGBT characters targeting children as young as 4-years old.

Disney then officially jumped the ship, and publicly declared its support for the LGBT agenda with pro-LGBT shows and rainbow paraphernalia aimed at children.

Teens can’t escape it either, and while they should have positive examples to look up to they are being bombarded with teen shows of “confused” characters who don’t know what gender they are or what sex they are attracted to.

All of this continues to confuse children and teens – and it’s only getting worse. 

In fact, even with all the LGBT representation in the media, LGBT activists still want more – nothing is enough for them. 

LifeSite News reported:

“While LGBT “representation” is steadily rising on American television, GLAAD has complained for years about the lack of gay characters and themes in major movies, as well as pushing for more LGBT content in videogames. In August 2018, it joined with the group Time’s Up to organize a coalition of more than 45 groups, talent agencies, and production companies demanding more frequent and favorable depictions of transgender characters in media.”

If they get their way, primetime TV will be full of “transgender” characters performing grotesque acts for all to see.

And LGBT activists know children are awake during primetime, so without strict parental supervision they could catch a glimpse of something that could scar them for life.

Sadly, it seems like LGBT activists will get their way yet again.

All they have to do is cry and throw a tantrum that they aren’t getting “equal representation” and business execs are used to jumping to make things right.

So moms, be on guard.

Soon enough, prime time will be even more dangerous for children. 

What are your thoughts on 1 in 5 prime time characters being LBGT by 2025?

Do you agree LGBT activists have taken over the media? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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