Pro-Life Bill Set To Pass – Until Republicans Did The Unthinkable

A sweeping piece of pro-life legislation was introduced which would eliminate approximately 97 percent of abortions performed in this southern state.

And in a Republican controlled legislature, the abortion-ban bill was all but sure to pass, until the unthinkable happened.

Democrats set up a filibuster, but even they didn’t expect to succeed, until a few Republicans decided to sing a different tune.

Republicans could have achieved a major pro-life victory, but in the very end a few rouge politicians voted with the Democrats, ultimately killing the bill.

To add further insult to injury, Democrat lawmakers cheered at the thought of babies being allowed to be slaughtered.

The Hill reported:

“One Democrat told the Post and Courier that the move was “mind-boggling.”

“It’s like being down by eight in the bottom of the ninth inning and you’re able to get on a hitting streak at the end to pull it out,” Sen. Mike Fanning (D) told the paper.

“It is mind-boggling and extremely relieving.”

The fact Democrats are “relieved” babies get to still be killed is sickening.

The worst part is, the story could have ended another way.

But weak-kneed Republicans caved in.

When the heat was piled on, and the battle raged on, Republicans gave up, and now, unborn babies are paying the price.

The State reported:

“Senate Republicans had hoped to extend the debate until several Democrats gave up and left the chamber, gifting the GOP the three-fifths majority needed to shut down the filibuster and pass the abortion.

But no Democrats left, with some canceling travel and vacation plans to remain in Columbia. All 45 eligible senators were present for the 1 a.m. vote Friday.

One of those, state Sen. Gerald Malloy, D-Darlington, was set to leave Columbia Thursday for the Kentucky Derby. Malloy said his wife, Davita, and his children pressed him to stay and help coordinate the minority party’s filibuster.

“It was more important to her and the women in this state that I stay,” Malloy said.”


To hear a politician try and sell himself as a martyr for missing the Kentucky Derby in order to stay and advocate for abortion is repulsive.

Advocating for abortion is not “pro-women.”

Republicans could have stayed and gone head on with the Democrats, but they didn’t.

The State continued:

“State Sen. Luke Rankin of Horry, said he voted to end debate on the bill after seeing that Malloy and other senators weren’t going to leave.

With just three legislative days left, he noted, a prolonged filibuster would have prevented other important bills, such as those addressing South Carolina’s nuclear fiasco, from passing.” 

While politicians are playing parliamentary games with each other, innocent babies are being slaughtered.

While this bill received the kiss of death of being sent back to committee, next year, South Carolina has a chance to do the right thing.

Regardless of how long it takes to get the bill through, a few sleepless nights is a small price to pay for saving unborn babies’ lives.

Why do you think Republicans caved in the final hour?

Do you think abortion should be outlawed in every state?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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