Pro-Lifers Call Out Protesters For Missing the Real Threat to Black Lives

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


There’s no question 2020 has been a tumultuous year between a global pandemic and social unrest that has led to protests, rioting, and violence.

Not since the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement have we experienced such racial tensions, as African-Americans fight to have their voices heard.

But one woman has a message for those protesting for black lives – she says they’re completely missing the true threat.

Bevelyn Beatty is a street preacher who has devoted much of her time to peacefully protesting abortion, particularly in order to bring information to minority women contemplating terminating their pregnancies.

Beatty, along with fellow advocate Edmee Chavannes, were arrested last month for peacefully offering advice and support to women outside Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Center in Manhattan.

Their arrest was based on absurd allegations that they were violating New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s social distancing and mask-wearing orders amidst the city’s battle against COVID-19.

But Beatty says there is a deeper agenda going on – one in which Christian pro-lifers are targeted for their outreach efforts, and that “COVID-19 has been used strategically to push a bias…,” according to LifeSite News.

Now, Beatty is in the news again, going viral on social media as she continues to fight for the unborn – for the black lives that are most in danger in today’s society.

She recently visited CHAZ, the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle, now renamed CHOP, “Capitol Hill Organized Protest,” where Antifa and BLM factions have shut down six city blocks.

Traveling through the district among murals and messages promoting the Black Lives Matter movement, Beatty made her voice heard loud and clear.

She says if these protesters really cared about black lives, they would be fighting against the targeting of minorities by Planned Parenthood, and the slaughter of 1,000 unborn black children in the U.S. per day.

There’s no doubt that Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger’s desire was to control minority populations.  There are a great deal of writings demonstrating Sanger’s sickening plans, along with her own words that send chills down the spine:

“[Abortion and birth control] means the release and cultivation of the better racial elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks— those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.”

Seventy-nine percent – more than three-quarters – of the surgical abortion centers in the U.S. are within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.  Advocacy group, Protecting Black Life, shows this startling proof in a digital map on its website.

This targeting of minority women is evidence that Sanger’s evil plan is still being implemented – black women are five times more likely to have an abortion than white women, and there is always a clinic close by.

If that fact isn’t startling enough, here are a few more:  Abortion is the number one killer of blacks in the United States.  The number one killer.

More than a quarter of all pregnant African-American women terminate their pregnancies – a social and human tragedy of epic proportions.

Both U.S. Census data and other research shows that although African-American women make up a little more than 13 percent of the population of the U.S., they have nearly 40 percent of annual abortions in the country.

And out of the more than 45 million abortions committed since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade case, nearly 20 million black babies have been aborted – almost half of all abortions since 1973 in only 13 percent of the population.

Bevelyn Beatty is working to share her message with protesters and all of us who care about black lives – that the real threat is the slaughter of millions of black lives due to the horrors of legalized abortion.

Her message is going viral, and Beatty will continue to stand for life as an African-American Christian woman who wants the violence against the unborn to end for good.