Rainbow Sidewalks May Be Coming To A City Near You

The LGBT community won’t stop until their agenda becomes fully mainstream.

In their latest intrusive move on families, self-identified LGBT folks along with their supporters are crafting up petitions and applying political pressure to make their values visible for all to see.

And even more terrifying, they just might get their way.

LGBT activists are now demanding cities paint their crosswalks in rainbow colors to “honor the LGBTQ people”.

And in typical leftist fashion, they are demanding taxpayers foot the bill for their rainbow-colored sidewalks.

While the idea may seem farfetched, it’s not.

Many cities have collected thousands of petition signatures, and Washington D.C. created a temporary rainbow crosswalk to honor “transgender” people.

In addition, Philadelphia and San Francisco already have rainbow crossroads, with more cities on deck to paint rainbows on their streets too.

The trend seems to be picking up steam, with more and more leftist cities jumping on the bandwagon in a desperate attempt to show “equality” to all people.

The Blaze reported:

Activists are urging local lawmakers to create the crosswalks through the use of petitions. Currently, one of the cities targeted is Chicago. A petition is now circulating there that has garnered more than 4,000 signatures. According to the petition’s text, “Some cities, like San Francisco, have made LGBTQ people feel more at home by creating permanent rainbow crosswalks to honor the LGBTQ community. … This is one small thing that could be done to signal to one of the most marginalized communities in the country that we are here for them, we see them, and we support them.”

Washington, D.C., already installed temporary rainbow crosswalks honoring transgender persons earlier this year, and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced this week the city will make its rainbow crosswalks permanent following the circulation of a petition that amassed more than 22,000 signatures. Reed said the crosswalks would be featured year-round in part to honor those who lost their lives in the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.”

The LGBT community is determined to force Americans to accept their warped view on families.

Children are already forced to have to endure unisex bathrooms in certain stores and undergo the leftist doctrine in schools.

Kids should be free to walk the neighborhood streets without having to walk across rainbow crossroads that “honor” people’s poor lifestyle choices.

The attack on conservative families is striking, and the LGBT community won’t stop until their ideas are fully executed – and funded – by the federal government.

Wasting taxpayers’ dollars to paint streets in rainbow colors is absurd.

Originally, Atlanta had temporarily painted rainbow crossroads, but when they were erased, the LGBT community was in an uproar and started a petition drive to bring them back.

And of course, leftist politicians love the publicity it brings them.

Time reported:

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“To honor those lives lost and make Pride Month a year-long celebration, the permanent rainbow crosswalks will be installed at the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and 10th Street in midtown Atlanta — a community historically known for being the hub of the city’s LGBTQ community.

For the past year, Atlanta has grieved alongside Orlando,”Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said in a statement. “Our city has rallied around our LGBT community, and we have not shied from demonstrating our unity and solidarity. And with this spirit, I cannot think of a more important time to reaffirm our unwavering and unqualified support for our LGBTQ residents.”

If conservative families don’t stand up and fight for traditional families now, rainbow crossroads across America are only the beginning of the battle that awaits.

What are your thoughts on rainbow crossroads in your cities to “honor” the LGBT community?

Do you think taxpayers should pay for rainbow crossroads?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.




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  1. MARYANN33 says:

    God made the rainbow but he did not make any gays…They have stolen his rainbow for use by the devil..They are demon filled and need deliverance at once.

    • ED Ballantine says:

      You are sooooo right my friend. Thank you for telling the truth.

    • And we must take a biblical stand to tell the truth about its origin. Truth is, God placed the rainbow as a sign of His covenant to not destroy the world, again, by water.

      BUT He will destroy it, again, by fire!

      And those who live in rebellion against Him (through destroying his first institution-marriage, His second institution-family and perverting His original intent for sex-human procreation in marriage between a man and a woman) are prime targets for His wrath and judgment. Romans 1, 2 Peter 2: 4-10, 3: 3-13)

      So the real message of the rainbow is this: REPENT before it’s too late!

      • Fight to take our rainbow back now.

      • taliesin319 says:

        Before he sends every earthquake, tsunami, forrest fire, pumice stone, ashes, and the heartbreak if psoriasis on every last piece of human DNA on this planet. He has made a right good start since the DNC bboed him off the stage in 2012 and 2016. Libs had better avoid going out in the rain or at least get grounded.

        • In His time…in His time.

          • taliesin319 says:

            yup..But he sure appears to be,stepping up the,pace. Can you imagine the surprise of Killary when she opens her eyes and is directed to the Ninth Circle if hell ? Why am I here ? What difference does it make ?You are here because the dead of Benghazi mattered to God.

  2. Richard Sabaski says:

    Are they crazy, have they no brains. Are they going to pay for all that pain and labor . What a bunch of fools.

  3. MARYANN33 says:

    There is no honor in being gay. It is all a farce.

  4. David Lofton says:

    Folks, how in the world, yes this, our world, did 1% of the population get or deserve to be so disrespectful to the other 99% and be wining by the power vested in OUR elected officials. Apparently the swamp needs to be cleaned out at the city, county and state levels as well as the (been there far too long Demo’s/Socialists and Repub’s). Come on, Oregon being the first (should be boycotted forever) to pass a law eliminating God given gender on their dr’s lic’s, may the wrath of God befall them there Oregon politicians………

    • David, America crossed the line when she elected Obama as president not just once, but twice. His election was the Romans Chapter 1 election.

      Having shaken her fist in His face, America sealed her fate with God. More than 20 civilizations before her did the same.

      We never heeded the lesson from Israel’s history. (1 Corinthians 10: 1-11) Shame on us. We’ve still not repented. So expect the worst to happen to our nation in the near future.

  5. The LBQueers deserve “honor” as little as an alcoholic or drug addict does.

  6. Are they kidding ? That is one of the most ridiculous ideas I have EVER heard. WHY should we spend money, to paint “Rainbow” sidewalks for just about 1% of the population ? Of course San Francisco WOULD do something so idiotic, because they are an insanely Liberal city. I hope that this really STUPID idea does not go mainstream !

    • ED Ballantine says:

      Because they want to stick it down your throat. This is from the pit of hell. We paid for the roads and sidewalks. Let them take their gay rights and shove it. Just a minute, They would like that. ha ha ha…

    • Chris Baker says:

      It is not 1%. It is 1/10 of 1%. and if they want it painted they should paint it on their own personal property, not on public property.aol.

      • taliesin319 says:

        Actually its a small group but according to the last census they were reported to be 2.5 % of the total population. The trans population is .01 of 1 % almost too low to measure. What they do have are loud mouths and they have come to think that having a ” gay ” card gets them whatever they want. However the,Blacks know just how quick that card became useless, the Hispanics were smart enough to see just how quick that card got cold. In 2016 The card to have was, wait for it, that right a muslim card was high rollar primarily because our chicken s%×$t pols. thought it a great vote getter.Right now all that card gets disdain and contempt. So just keep flickin the card at present its down to 60 percent and falling fast. However if you turn it in for a Trans card it will give you 80 of what you want. Better hurry cause Trans was 95 % 4 months ago. They took,a hit for the br bit. The muslims are keeping the party going so 55 % and falling theres always machetes to fall back on. The bright side..you can color better if the background is colored. Makes the graffiti paint long brighter.

    • Arden Rowley says:

      A stupid use of taxpayers’ money. If I had the means I would organize a crew of sensible people and paint over all the rainbow crosswalks with black paint.

    • Red Steiner says:

      Right up there with allowing transgenders in the Military, isn’t it?

  7. Alleged Comment says:

    Good! We should TRAMPLE on gay rights. It is perversion of GENOCIDE of whitey.

    The others are abortion, possibly vaccines, GMO, Communism, Lieberalism, Moslems, negro “president”, etc.

  8. ED Ballantine says:

    Sick…sick…sick… Sorry, I just can’t stand this sick crap anymore. Enough is enough. Call me whatever you like. I could care less. This is sick shit and its hurting our kids. Wake up America! Take a stand for righteousness and Americanism. These people are sick in the head and in their soul….

    • sandraleesmith46 says:

      Especially the latter. They’re damaged and broken in their minds, but instead of acknowledging that and seeking appropriate help to be healed and repaired, they act as if it’s a “badge of honor” somehow; it’s NOT!

      • ED Ballantine says:

        This is a mental illness that was literally voted out of existence by the APA back in the 70’s. These people need help not praise !! Stay close to your kids. The schools are in cahoots with this insanity and are pushing it down our kids throats … God help us …

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Alas, I remember all too well, the extortion that “won” that vote. Thankfully I don’t have children; but even if I did, they’d be middle aged now. I do know the schools are in on this!

          • ED Ballantine says:

            My wife is a psychotherapist who is in the process of writing her new book dealing with some of these issues, one being political correctness verses reality. There are some folks who actually believe that a scalpel trumps God. I believe the old TV ad that said; It’s not nice to fool mother nature’. Children have no idea of what they will be doing in ten years. I would ask the perverts to keep their hands off of children and projecting their misguided values on them.

          • sandraleesmith46 says:

            Your wife is correct and so are you; it’s dangerous to mess with nature. Children up to the age of 25 yrs are changing so fast and often what they wanted 5 minutes ago is passe! Values, beliefs, etc don’t begin to become settled until our mid to late 20s; ask your wife if you doubt me. Surgery is pretty drastic; even the hormone therapy is, for someone whose mind and feelings can swing faster than a pendulum!

          • ED Ballantine says:

            Your are absolutely correct. Quite frankly, that’s why one can not even run for U.S. president until the age of thirty five. ‘Check me on that’. I only wish we had more folks like you out there. I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness.

          • sandraleesmith46 says:

            You can’t run for Congress ’til 25, and 30 for Senate. We are crying in a wilderness of entitled, emoting adult-children; and if you’re not sure what that means, I’m quite sure your wife will know exactly what it means. I studied psych for nurses; but we got enough to speak and understand the language, and problems.

          • ED Ballantine says:

            Yes, my wife is a pretty smart woman. Your right, we are dealing with an entitlement problem. It’s hard to beat free stuff and dumbed down voters. I’m not sure we can. Our schools are turning them out as fast as they can. Let us remember John Galt…

          • sandraleesmith46 says:


          • ED Ballantine says:

            Amen !

          • Let’s hope it hasn’t come to that!

          • ED Ballantine says:

            If the deep state, the media, and the Clinton machine pull off the impeachment of President Trump, it will be worse that that. There are tens of millions who will take to the streets and it wont be pretty. Patriotic Americans have had it with this anti-American insanity. On the other hand, that’s what the dirt bags want, ‘marshal law’. This is right out of Saul Alinsky’s play book. I suggest you read, Rules for Radicals. Hillary’s a big fan and pen pal of his. Believe it or not, she use to be a conservative before she converted, based on his doctrine.

          • What can honest,, patriotic citizens do to prevent this tyranny? It is amazing to me how even intelligent people are taken in by these damaging actions. Letters to Editors and to our elected officials do not mean anything. They just turn around an send back “canned” letters reiterating the same lies we are trying to condemn.

          • taliesin319 says:

            Well the wilderness is a better place to be than hunkering down with a handful of pretty crayons coloring your tuchas off. We may have not been perfect but since I am a member of what they called ” the silent generation ” We actually got along with and came to admire our parents. ‘Lets be happy in our wilderness since snoflakes could never survive here. Oh yeah. Keep your powder dry, your weapon clean and a rosary or pocket Bible handy.

  9. sandraleesmith46 says:

    NO way! That is positively DISGUSTING that these sick people DEMAND “respect” for their degenerate illness and flaunt it as if it’s “heroic” somehow! Will be having a chat with our city traffic engineer about NEVER doing any such disgusting thing with our city’s taxpayer monies!

    • . . . and it is even more ridiculous that there are actually elected officials who are willing to do such a childish and expensive thing.

  10. Amen to that!

  11. The Bible says that God put he rainbow in the skies as a promise to His people not the gays. WHILE I cannot stop their agenda I will claim GODS GLORY

  12. Need to squash this right away.

    1. Painting the entire crosswalk is unsafe. It greatly reduces traction for all vehicles, especially when wet. Means cars and trucks can’t stop, and can’t accelerate properly.

    2. This much additional paint is bad for the environment.

    3. It’s an unnecessary government expense.

    But then since most of the LGBTQ community are jobless drones without cars, they’ll be the ones in the crosswalks getting run over. Sort of a self-correcting condition.

  13. agrneydgrl says:

    Why can’t we start a petition to stop this crazy idea. They petition to have them, we petition to stop it.

  14. Thomas Fort says:

    Hell no

  15. Mad Scientist says:

    PC disease strikes again!

  16. OOOO Yeeek i dropped that gallon of paint . Sorry

    • taliesin319 says:

      Don’t waste that paint we can stencil Bible verses over every square inch and state, you have your rainbow and we have our verses guaranteed by the First Amendment and backed up the kazoo with the Second Amendment. Moreover we pay taxes and if you ain’t got a job, little snoflake, we the people are paying you. We know one word of the Book can lift us up or strike us down. Erase it at your peril.

  17. Outrageous! Goes to show how juvenile these people are and will stomp their feet at anything to get their way! Grow up!

  18. If I can help it, NOT in my town/city. Fort Worth, TX voting citizen

  19. Hell, NO the taxpayers should not have to pay to “honor” these crackpots!!!! Paint it on their OWN driveways and garages…they are mentally ill, just like the liberals!!!!

  20. We have a jerk for a Mayor in Dallas . He loves to be in front of the cameras. Lives in a gated community in Highland park with security . As long as he can get in front of a camera or the media. I’m sure he would paint downtown Dallas in flaming colors . The City is broke , so this would be an excellent project to dump on it’s citizens.

  21. Defend America says:

    I think a rainbow is pretty and I would tell my kids they were painted for decoration. The left can try to force all this evil upon us that they want, but they can never make us except it. I had nothing against the LGBT community ….but now that they are trying to force their life style upon us..that has changed.

  22. Another asinine way to waste tax money.

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