Real Challenges Moms Deemed “Essential” Face While Working During COVID-19

Photo by Nicholas Bartos on Unsplash


As many Americans follow the “stay at home” orders in their state, some moms don’t have the luxury to stay home.

In fact, many moms deemed “essential” are forced to work outside of the home during a worldwide pandemic.

Instead of hunkering down inside and shielding themselves from COVID-19 – they are right in the middle of it. From nurses to doctors, to grocery store workers and sanitation crews, many women are risking their lives every single day, just to do their job.

And for these moms, keeping their family safe has introduced a whole new level of challenges.

So when you complain about being trapped inside your home – realize many women would jump at the opportunity to work from home.

Here are just a few challenges “essential” moms face working during a pandemic.


Fear Of Passing COVID-19 To Their Family

For moms working on the front lines, one of their greatest fears is contracting COVID-19 and passing it on to their family.

Many moms have strict hygiene protocols when they come home —  such as changing out of their work clothes as soon as they walk into the house and jumping right into the shower.

Some moms won’t even use the front door and enter through the garage or change in an outdoor shed.

Lysol wipes and sanitation stations are the new normal.

Keeping things “sanitary” reaches a whole new level when you’re walking into a home after being out in public and bringing the germs of the outside world home to your family.


No Physical Contact

Some moms are taking it a step further and have decided to eliminate all physical contact with their children.

No snuggles on the couch watching a movie.

No more evening hugs or morning kisses.

These moms are practicing social distancing within the home – staying at least 6ft apart from all family members.

Imagine how traumatic it is for both a mother and her child to not be able to have a physical connection – it’s so unnatural.

Many moms are struggling with feelings of guilt – wondering if they are doing the right thing.

It’s such a delicate challenge to balance between what is too much and what is not enough – and this decision is deeply personal for each mom.


Personal Burnout

Many moms are feeling the load of having to adjust to a new normal.

But for moms who are working outside the home – they are burning out even faster.

With kids home from school, these moms are trying to make sure their children are still participating in virtual learning, well-fed, and safe – all while working outside the home!

No more school. No more babysitters. No more activities.

Depending on if the husband is deemed essential, this creates a crisis for many moms, especially those with young kids who need someone to look after their children while they are out of the home working.

All moms are struggling to get through COVID-19 together.

But for moms who are forced to expose themselves to the outside world on a regular basis, it makes things extra challenging.

Let’s have an extra dose of compassion for these fearless warriors, who are simply trying to balance doing their job and keeping their families safe.

We’re all in this together.

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