Really? Feminist College Student Did Dissertation On This Pop Star

College students are the future of our country.

Parents work for decades to save up hard-earned dollars to send their children to college, hoping to equip their teens with the skills needed to make a difference in this world.

After years of school, many students write dissertations and essays on powerful topics, such as the economy, politics, and technological advances.

But 20-year old college student Molly decided to pick a different topic.

She chose to write her dissertation on a woman she admires and looks up to, and thinks other young women should too.

She could have picked from a number of women who changed the world. Margaret Thatcher. Mother Teresa. Susan B. Anthony.

However, 20-year old Molly went a different direction.

But just who did she choose to write about?


And the topic?

Beyonce’s “feminism”.

Apparently, young Molly spent the past year analyzing over 10,000 words of Beyonce’s lyrics, and actually wrote a 66-page essay on the famed singer.

BBC reported:

“For the past year, 20-year-old Molly Inglis has been analysing 10,000 words’ worth of Beyonce lyrics and now she’s submitted a 66-page essay to her tutors.

“She promotes very sex-positive messages,” Molly tells Newsbeat.

The most interesting thing Molly found out from her study, was how Beyonce views women and sex, and how the last few years have seen the singer embrace feminism in her own way.”

While the pop singer is known for her sexually explicit and scantily clothed concerts, she’s also politically charged.

During the presidential campaign, Beyonce performed a show in Cleveland to show her support of Hillary Clinton.

At the end of her concert, Hillary Clinton was seen running on stage to hug Beyonce, further sending the message to young women that Hillary is someone to emulate.

It’s clear Beyonce is no friend to conservative women.

And her sexually explicit lyrics are nothing young girls should strive to look up to.

But instead of studying women who truly changed the world, this young student wasted hours of her life studying over 10,000 lyrics of Beyonce.

Beyonce has also been a staunch proponent of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and has received sharp criticism from law enforcement.

The Washington Post reported:

“Her words “stop killing us” wasn’t the first time Beyoncé invoked the phrase. It appeared as graffiti in the video for her song “Formation,” interspersed between shots of a young black child dancing in front of a line of police in riot gear who later raise their hands up — a reference to the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown — and the singer lounging on top of a New Orleans police car sinking into water that recalled the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s inciting bad behavior,” National Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director Jonathan Thompson told The Washington Post in February. “Art is one thing, but yelling fire in a crowded theater is an entirely different one.” Some police unions even encouraged members to boycott the artist’s latest tour.”

Naturally, college administrators were surprised by whom Molly picked.

But Molly sharply defended Beyonce, further stating people don’t like the super star because she “embraces feminism” and because she’s black.

BBC reported:

“Molly’s supervisor was a bit surprised at her dissertation topic, but the student says it just proves how relevant sociology is to everyday life.

And it’s no surprise that she rejects the criticism of the multi-Grammy award winner.

“The criticism Beyonce gets for embracing feminism comes because she’s a black artist,” says Molly.

“White artists who do the same thing don’t get criticised in the same way.

“I think her embracing feminism is a really good thing, because it moves feminism from academic texts to more accessible ways of understanding it.”

Do you think this young woman’s teacher should accept the dissertation on Beyonce’s “feminism”?

Should young girls look up to Beyonce as a role model?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.