This Repulsive High School Display Just Another Failure Of Modern Education

The liberalization of our schools is reaching a fever pitch, and the true crisis is that children growing up in this culture today will think it is absolutely normal.

Unless parents step in and reinforce traditional values at home, our nation’s youth will continue to be indoctrinated by the liberal agenda.

And we certainly cannot depend on any help from our children’s schools in trying to teach any kind of sense of right and wrong.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the latest example of a high school promoting the twisted culture of the left — and the hypocrisy and liberalism of the school is horrifying.

Recently, two teenage girls participated in a fashion show at New York’s Ethical Culture Fieldston School, a private school which claims to “emphasize their students’ moral development and guides them towards service and social justice.

And perhaps their mission statement is the most terrible part, as this stunt was as far as you can stray from being moral or ethical.

The Christian Post reported:

The annual fashion show requires students to display artwork using nontraditional materials, and … as soon as the two thought of doing something in support of Planned Parenthood, they knew, “That’s it.”

The teens bought thousands of Planned Parenthood stickers, and the organization also sent the them pamphlets, additional stickers, pins and — of course — condoms.

“A huge part of our project was just about being young women and showing we can take action and showing what happens when young women take action,” said one of the girls.

“We wanted to use our voices to show what Planned Parenthood does for women’s reproductive rights, for abortion rights.”

This stunt was a huge boon for Planned Parenthood, who is thrilled that their culture of death and feminism is being supported in this school.

And the organization made sure to send plenty of materials to the school for use in the fashion show.

Live Action reported on this shocking story:

The annual student fashion show has students wear handmade designs that cannot use fabric. But while this was surely a fun tradition and a good creative outlet in years past, [these young girls, with the help of their art teacher] decided to put a happy face on mass killings this year with their entries — dresses made entirely out of Planned Parenthood stickers and condom wrappers

“It just seems” is about the level of understanding to be expected from the average teenager being indoctrinated by a self-described “progressive” school and the surrounding culture of a pro-abortion state. It’s no surprise that ECFS’ stated mission of molding kids into “passionate learners, critical thinkers, and ethical individuals who aim to make the world more humane and just” utterly failed to imprint on these young ladies any comprehension that an organization that violently kills innocent children — and privately admits that’s exactly what they’re doing — might not be the most laudable thing to celebrate.

And just because this was a private, self-labeled “progressive” school, parents should not be fooled into thinking this type of situation will not occur at their own child’s school.

For years, public schools have been passing out condoms and Planned Parenthood pamphlets as part of their “sex ed” curriculum — and things are only going to get worse as the liberal culture promoted in our schools becomes more and more accepted.

“Education begins at home” has never been a more important statement, and today’s parents must be aware of the indoctrination of our children in their school environment.

Situations like these help promote an environment of sexual experimentation and expression in even our youngest children, and unless parents fight back, our children will think it is normal and expected.

Perhaps Live Action stated it best when they questioned whether these young girls really understand the horrific culture they were supporting in their fashion creations:

“In fact, if they were able to witness a late-term abortion — or really any abortion like the ones performed at Planned Parenthood — first-hand, they would likely run from the clinic,” stated Live ActionHYPERLINK “”.

“The fact that two girls, who are just barely old enough to drive and not old enough to vote or drink, handle condoms with humor and find Planned Parenthood’s business practices ‘fun’ is saddening. It shows just how brainwashed young people have become regarding sex, abortion, and Planned Parenthood.”


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