Rockstar Mom Crushes Half Marathon Record While Pushing Stroller 

Julia Webb has always had a passion for running and a competitive streak, so it was no surprise she signed up to run a half-marathon.

But not only did this incredible pro-life mom beat the world record for the fastest half-marathon…

… she did so while pushing her precious 10-month old daughter in a stroller!


But it gets better.

This pro-life mama wanted the world to know she was unashamed of her pro-life stance – so she wore a pro-life shirt reading “Remember the unborn” as she ran her race.

Julia spoke out about her love of running and wanting to bring her children into the race to share her passion.

Even though the world tells moms they must always “choose” between raising children and “living a normal life” – Julia shut down critics.

Fox News reported:

“I have just felt called to run my whole life,” Webb told Fox News. “This is what I was made for. Especially a mom of three kids, I need some me-time… everything that it entails, I just absolutely love it. I also love competing… and running with my kids in a stroller… so I thought why not combine them.”

Julia’s candid and honest response resonates with so many moms who find the need to have some “me time” and participate in an activity or hobby that brings them joy. 

What an incredible opportunity Julie had, to not only share her love for running with her children – but to do so while wearing a pro-life shirt AND beating the half-marathon world record for running while pushing a stroller.

But Julia is not the only pro-life runner speaking out for the unborn.

In fact, she is part of a group called LIFE Runners who are said to be the world’s largest pro-life running team.

According to their website, their slogan is “God First, Life Always, Teammates Forever!” 

Their Christian faith and pro-life stance are what drives them to compete and spread the message of life through their pro-life jerseys every runner is required to wear. 

With so many pro-aborts celebrating the slaughter of unborn babies, it’s refreshing to see a worldwide group compete all over the world while speaking out for life.

Our culture is at a turning point when it comes to defending the unborn, and it’s going to take Christians and conservatives everywhere to be united for life – and not quiet about it. 

In addition, with so many moms being sold the lie that their “life is over” once they have kids – Julia shatters the myth that moms must give up their passions. 

Julia proves that she can still love her children well, and live out her hobbies.

What are your thoughts on Julia winning the half-marathon record while pushing a stroller?

Do you agree moms can still love and serve their kids and participate in hobbies too?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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