Rockstar Mom Gives Birth On The Side Of The Road With Kids In The Car

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Many women give birth in a hospital bed or in the (somewhat) comfort of their own home.

But as every woman knows – when a baby is truly ready to come out – it can’t be stopped – and sometimes you have to just deliver wherever you are. 

And when pregnant mama Heather Skaats felt her little one making its way down – she knew she wouldn’t be able to make it home in time – so she pulled off to the side of the road and delivered her baby while her kids were waiting in the car.


Talk about the incredible strength of a woman.

Heather didn’t have any pain meds or drugs.

There was no one there to “hold her legs up” or help her “breathe and push.”

It was just her and her kids.

She could have panicked or gone into shock.

But instead, her natural instincts kicked in – and she did what she had to do to ensure a safe delivery of her precious baby.

Heather wrote on Facebook:

“Well, I had another wonderful water birth planned at home just as I had in the past. That didn’t go as planned. I was literally driving in the car with all the kids when I felt like I needed to pull over. Got out of the car, went to the other side in the grass and literally had a baby. 

It was so quick! I only thought these things happened in movies!

I then proceeded to drive to the house with him still attached where my midwives arrived about 10 minutes later. And then we had to pick the grass off him.

I’m still in shock that I delivered my own baby on the side of the road. But he is perfect, all of the kids are happy to have him here, and today was a day I will never forget.”

Absolutely incredible.

Heather told Today Parents she simply squatted on the side of the road – assuring her children she was okay – and gently guided her little one out protecting his head.

With the baby still attached to the placenta (which was still in her uterus) – she held the baby close to her chest and drove home and delivered the placenta in the shower with the help of her teen daughter.

Her midwife then arrived, and the baby was perfectly healthy. 

A woman’s body was made to have babies – and this story shows how natural birth truly is.

While every woman’s birth story is different – and incredibly unique – it’s still amazing to hear all the different ways babies are born into this world. 

Life is such a beautiful gift. 

We wish this sweet mama and her family all the blessings in the world as they enjoy the newest addition to their family. 

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