Satanists Try To Have Ten Commandments Removed

It is not uncommon to have religion attacked by liberals, whose agenda is to make all things godless.

In recent news, there is another conspirator who has made a public appearance to silence any representation of Biblical foundation.

The left likes to think that freedom of speech is only for those who want to purport ideas within the boundless framework of relativity and egocentrism.

They are wrong! That is not how the Constitution speaks of our freedoms. The same Constitution that is centered on moral philosophy, which is found in Biblical teachings.

Now, Arkansas is facing scrutiny, and legal action simply for displaying a stone monument of the Ten Commandments.

The lead opponent in the claim that the monument is unconstitutional is The Satanic Temple.

ABC local news, Katv reported:

The Satanic Temple plans to sue the state of Arkansas, arguing the Ten Commandments monument being installed on State Capitol grounds is unconstitutional and discriminatory.

The Satanic Temple proposed its own monument of a Baphomet statue but its efforts were eventually blocked by a law preventing the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission from considering the statue until it was approved by the Legislature. The group now argues “the rejection of [the] monument establishes unconstitutional religious preference by the state.”

The Baphomet statue, a goat-headed figure, has no place in United States history, and is therefore not analogous to the Ten Commandments monument.

Sen. Jason Rapert pointed this out when he spoke on the motivation for the monument. Katv reported:

The sole reason we donated this monument to the State of Arkansas is because the Ten Commandments are an important component to the foundation of the laws and legal system of the United States of America and of the State of Arkansas.”

Lucien Greaves, spokesman and co-founder, came unexpectedly to the live-feed video at the Capitol where Rapert was presenting the monument.

Greaves opinions were not welcome at the event, and the camera man deterred him by saying that the video had no audio, according to NPR.

Past cases that addressed concerns of Ten Commandment monuments on government property have already been brought before the Supreme Court, and in 2004 were deemed constitutional.

Regardless of this ruling, Lucien Greaves, spokesperson and co-founder of the Satanic Temple, plans on merging his legal case with other “invested parties” once they are filed, according to ABC.

Another entity confronting the Biblical presence on state grounds is the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU issued a statement laying out their argument for their position. ABC reported:

Religious liberty is the right of every American to worship – or not to worship – and follow their conscience freely, without government bureaucrats butting in,” said Rita Sklar, ACLU of Arkansas Executive Director. “When government officials endorse one set of religious beliefs over another, they alienate those who don’t subscribe to that particular set of beliefs and undermine everyone’s religious freedom. Arkansas politicians are once again exploiting their position of authority to promote their personal religious agenda – and trampling on Arkansans fundamental rights. We will see them in court.”

This argument is used against conservative views so often by those looking to undermine its values.

No one is being forced to follow the Ten Commandments, although you are likely to be arrested if you don’t follow the ones that are current law.

If the LGBT community is allowed to promote, and flaunt, their homosexuality or transgenderism in public office, then surely a monument that promotes moral values should be justified, even by the most liberal standards.

This is not the first time that a Ten Commandments monument has been erected on Capitol grounds.

Last year, the first version of the monument was put up, only to purposely be hit by a car shortly after.

Michael T. Reed II drove his car directly into the monument in June of 2017. The whole thing was caught on his personal video camera, which was seen after he was arrested.

Prior to impact Reed II was heard yelling, “Oh my goodness, freedom!” according to NPR. This is the second religious symbol he was convicted of destroying.

It is not surprising that NPR reported the anti-religious maniac was committed to Arkansas State Mental Hospital, “after a county court found him mentally unfit to stand trial.”

The Ten Commandments monument is a good reminder to all who pass about the correlation of Biblical law and the formation of the Constitution.

This country needs to get back to a moral foundation where absolutes such as not killing and marriages being between a man and woman are valued.

The separation of church and state is a falsity created by godless liberals and has no ground in the Constitution.

The Founders gave us the right to practice our religious beliefs freely and without government persecution – the very reason many came to the new world in the first place.

Please let us know in the comments section if you are pleased with the monument being erected on Capitol grounds, or if you find it infringes on one’s rights.



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