Save Your Child’s Life By Preventing These Known Childhood Killers

  1. Cut Up Their Food:

It may be obvious, but sadly many children lose their life by choking on a food item, or some other household part.

Make sure you cut up food for your little ones, and pay careful attention to items such as grapes, and be sure to cut them even smaller.

And insist your child sits down while eating, instead of running around the house.

In addition, when they are young is the perfect time to teach them to chew all their food, and take small bites.

But it’s not just food that children can choke on.

Don’t leave small items laying around the house, as you probably know by now, curious children put everything into their mouths.

Be sure the toys you buy for your children are designed for their age – you wouldn’t want to give a toddler a toy designed for someone much older, as they are sure to break off tiny pieces and eat them.

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And moms, be sure to sign up for a CPR course, for both infants and children.

Should your child happen to swallow something they weren’t supposed to, you can literally save their life by knowing what to do.

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