Scary! 11-Year-Old Fights Off Knife-Wielding Man At The Bus Stop

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11-year-old Alyssa was playing with her blue slime waiting for her school bus to come – when the unthinkable happened.

A man pulled up next to her and stopped his car – and then proceeded to run towards her… with a knife!

Local authorities report his attempt was to kidnap her – but wait until you hear how his plan was thwarted.

As Alyssa saw the man running towards her – she didn’t freeze in fear.

No one would have blamed her if she did – after all she is just a child and could easily be overpowered by a grown man.

But instead of standing still, she grabbed her bookbag and began to run away.

The lunatic madman caught up with her, picked her up and began to carry her towards his car – but Alyssa kept fighting.

Thankfully her actions paid off, as the man dropped her as she slipped out of his hands.

Instead of trying to get her again, he realized she wasn’t worth the fight and ran off.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time the man had approached the young girl.

Sheriff Simmons spoke with reporters explaining all that had taken place.

CNN reported:

“Simmons said the victim told authorities that the same man had approached her about two weeks ago at her bus stop and made her feel uncomfortable.

The girl told her mother and school officials what happened and her mother had been walking her to the bus stop, Simmons said.

He said Tuesday was the first day since the incident that her mother didn’t go with her to the bus stop.”

Praise God, this little girl is safe.

While she naturally has mental trauma to process, she has only a few minor scratches, reported CNN.

Moms – we live in a crazy world.

When we were younger, we’d simply walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus.

But times are different now and things just aren’t how they used to be.

You don’t have to live in fear, but consider making a few adjustments to your child’s bus routine.

If at all possible, have your child walk in groups with other children to catch the bus.

There truly is safety in numbers.

While it may be cute to have clothing items or bookbags with your child’s name imprinted on the outside – don’t do it!

Having your child’s name sprawled across their bookbag in big letters is just an invitation for a predator to call out their name, pretending to know your child.

If your child is older and walks alone, make sure she is trained on how to stay safe – like staying away from cars in the street and not talking to people she – or he – doesn’t know.

Consider having a “safe house” along the way like a neighbor your child can run to should they feel something is off or not right.

And finally, for those who have smartphones, install a tracking app on your child’s phone so you know where they are.

Stay safe out there!

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