School Officer Terrorizes Six-Year Old Girl With Aggressive Arrest

Image taken from Orlando Police Department body camera video footage

 6-year old children can have tough days at school – which may still include emotional outbursts or temper tantrums.

And when one 6-year old girl was having a bad day – instead of having teachers try to comfort her and work her through it – she faced the unthinkable.

A shocking body cam video was released which showed a school officer aggressively restraining her wrists and shoving her into the back of a police car.

Naturally scared, you can hear the little girl pleading with the officer to let her go.

As the school officers zip tie her hands behind her back – the little girl begins to sob through tears saying please help me.

But no one helped her.

No one in the school stopped the men from taking her away.

The school officials watched the sobbing girl be led out of the school sobbing – stating she didn’t want to go in the police car.

The police officer, showing no compassion, coldly told the small child “you have to.”

When the little girl got to the police car her cries became louder and more desperate – and the officer simply picks up the helpless small child with her hands tied behind her back and puts her in the back of the police car!

As it turns out, one school employee did ask the officer if the restraints were necessary – and his answer will shock you.

Scary Mommy reported:

“When Turner returned to the school to process the report, one employee is seen asking him if the restraints were “necessary,” and he insisted they were. He then proceeded to brag about arresting 6,000 people in his career and said that Kaia “has broken the record” for the youngest person he’s ever arrested.”

Showing no remorse, the officer bragged about arresting a child.

To treat a child like this is unthinkable.

There is nothing more horrifying than a big grown man using his authority to bully a child – and bragging about it afterwards.

The fear this child must have faced, not knowing what was happening, or where she was going is heartbreaking.

Especially with such a disproportionate amount of discipline for a young child.

If a child is truly acting up in school – there are disciplinary actions that could be taken – such as scheduling a meeting with the parents to talk through the issue or even detention for children who are older.

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But arresting a six-year old girl – and restraining her wrists with zip ties and throwing her in the back of a police car because she was upset?


Watch for yourself the video of the little girl being mistreated by officers who are supposed to protect her.

But as a warning – the video is deeply disturbing and might frighten young children so view with caution.

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