Senator Rubio Is Attacked For Using Free Speech

The founding fathers came to this country to escape oppression from their government.

Sowhen looking at the constitution, the first thing they thought to emphasize was our freedom of speech, knowing it is the foundation for freedom of religion.

The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

The liberal left-wing agenda attempts to make this amendment a one-sided protection.

They want the freedomto speak out about their religion of “diversity” and “tolerance.”

Despite this, the left does not want the First Amendment protection extended to Christians professing their faith.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is a prime example of the intolerance.

Life Site News reported:

A Wisconsin-based atheist group claims U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, is violating the Constitution when he tweets passages from the Bible.”

Sen. Rubio, a Catholic, has been tweeting Bible verses to his followers since this past May. To date, he has tweeted approximately 60 passages from the Bible.

Many atheists, and anti-religion spokesmen, are in an uproar about Rubio’s demonstration of faith to his nearly 3 million followers on Twitter.

Jennifer Rubin, a columnist for The Washington Post, tweeted: “Either he was hacked or he’s totally lost it.”

Even though the Bible remains a widely accepted and historically accredited book, when Sen. Rubio quotes it, he is considered to have “totally lost it.”

When State Rep. Scott Hamann from Maine went on a long Facebook rant, full of expletives, about President Trump, he was considered a man just speaking his mind.

Yet another example of the double standard held by left-wing representatives.

Senator Ben Cardin tweeted:

“The LGBT community’s only “agenda” is #equality & dignity, for all. If we fail to support them, we fail to support core American values.”

Nowhere in the writings of our founding fathers did it mention supporting the LGBT community. By no stretch of the imagination are these efforts part of “America’s core values.” Your right to tweet that, however, is part of the core values.

Life Site News reported:

An alt-left activist working at ShareBlue Media described Rubio’s actions as “unsettling” and a liberal contributor to Esquire referred to the tweets as “oddly terrifying.”

The verses Rubio quoted were by no means terrifying. The insinuation made by Esquireis that this particular exercising of free speech makes them feel uneasy. Believers in the Bible would call this conviction.

Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote an open letter last Tuesday, where Andrew Seidel, the foundation’s director of strategic response, says Rubio’s “behavior is unconstitutional”.

Seidel said the First Amendment was violated when Sen. Rubio tweeted the passages.

This amendment was intended to prohibit the federal government from persecuting or hindering the lawful exercise of religion or declaring a national religion.

Sen. Rubio never claims his tweets are the voice of the federal government, or that Catholicism is the national religion.The fact that he works for the government does not diminish his right to the First Amendment.

Seidel tried to suggest “comments on social media are the equivalent of establishing a theocracy”, according to Life Site News.

This is yet another example of liberals beingillogical and off base. Rubio does not have the means to establish a whole new government by means of twitter.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has, by way of default, formed their own religion, ironically.

The dictionary defines religion one way as “a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.” Making a lifestyle that revolves around purporting your atheistic views as supreme is by this definition religious.

Seidel is an avid spokesperson for LGBT agendas, as well. He believes we should be tolerant, and accepting, of the LGBT community, completely disregarding our Christian beliefs.

In another example of liberal hypocrisy, Senator Tim Scott received floods of hate mail after supporting Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

Being a black republican, his race was referred to in negative terms by the very people that want “equality for all people.”

After receiving the hate mail, Sen. Scott said in an address reported by Mediaite:

The liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to very tolerant do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from.”

Twitter is not a government mandated forum, where we all must go to be subjected to its content. It is a free social media interface that you are able to choose to look at.

Sen. Rubio has not violated any clauses, or created any new forms of government.

Liberals like Seidel, claim to promote tolerance, while simultaneously denying constitutional rights of Christians and conservatives.

You have a right to say you don’t believe in God, and you have a right to say you do believe in God as protected, and intended, with the First Amendment right of freedom of speech.

You do not have the right to denounce someone else’s beliefs and claim they are in violation of the Constitution because you simply disagree with them.

The name calling, confrontation, and oppression by those in disagreement is just a show of character; maybe they should read more Rubio tweets.

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