Seriously? You Won’t Believe How Much Leftist Teachers Earn To Indoctrinate Children

Leftist teachers force children to adhere to their liberal agenda, often taking advantage of young impressionable minds.

Children have been forced to support movements like “Black Lives Matter” and understand the “feelings” of terrorists.

But not only are teachers forcing their own leftist dogma onto children, they’re getting paid for it, and their salaries will shock you.

Hiding behind the protective shield of the bloated teacher’s union, and threatening to strike at any perceived feeling of “injustice”, liberal teachers call the shots in the classroom.

Always demanding more, many liberal teachers claim they are underpaid, but as it turns out nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, you won’t believe just how much liberal teachers in New York actually make each year.

Breitbart reported:

“The 534 educators who worked in the Central Islip Public Schools District earned a collective total of more than $64 million, around $121,261 a teacher, not including benefits, for the 2015-2016 school year, according to a report from the Education Action Group.

These teachers also made an additional $12,897,342 in benefits, with each teacher making an average of $24,152 in benefits.

The compensation package does not end there for Central Islip’s teachers–the school district contributed a total of $8,566,330 to teachers’ retirement funds, spending an average of $16,041 per teacher.”

While $121,000 is high, some New York teachers earn a whopping $300,000 a year to push their liberal agenda onto children.

Breitbart reported:

According to a database of New York state public school teachers’ salaries from the Democrat & Chronicle, 49 teachers in Nassau County made more than $240,000 in gross pay for the 2015-2016 school year. Ten educators in the same county reported salaries of more than $300,000.”

As New York teachers are pulling in six-figure salaries, with lofty retirement benefits and perks, homeschool moms earn “zero” to teach their children, and often do a better job.

Liberal teachers are the first to scoff at the very notion that a mother would choose to homeschool her child.

Insisting they are “professionals”, leftist teachers have publicly said mothers are unfit to homeschool their children, because they lack the “educational training”.

However, even though teachers in New York are making over six-figures, their rankings are “mediocre” at best.

Breitbart reported:

“Despite the large salaries teachers make in the district, Central Islip Public Schools maintain a mediocre academic reputation. According to the school ranking website, the Central Islip Public School District has a C- rating in academics.

Even though teachers in the state are pulling in hefty salaries, New York’s state education system is ranked 23rd in the country for K-12 education, according to U.S. News and World Report.

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Leftist teachers are making up to $300,000 to teach students, yet earned a C-rating in academics.

Let that sink in.

If liberals focused more on actually teaching children, instead of striking and demanding more “rights”, perhaps they’d have higher ratings.

Even better, if the backlash against homeschool moms stopped, more mothers would be encouraged and feel welcomed to teach their children at home.

Do you think New York teachers should earn six-figure salaries to indoctrinate children?

Should a mother have the right to homeschool her children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. Daniel Imbs says:

    Liberal agendas are a tactic of communism.

    • You obviously don’t know what communism “IS.” It’s when health insurance
      is adjusted to help the majority of American citizens. But Trump has just
      killed off health insurance for 24 million people. I’m glad to have a good
      job in medical research. It pays me well, and I like to think, and analyze.
      I don’t need to play your goon games … Being smart gives me a thrill
      in life. And I truly enjoy helping those in need. Its a true calling, filled with

      positive attributes. I can use my mind, and I’m articulate and pleasant.

      • PATRICIA MEAD says:

        And you don’t know what socialism is.

      • what have you done except cash your paycheck. i hope you feel good like the rest of the liberals/communists with your good intentions and no actions. those 24 mil had real good insurance with that $10,000 deductible = no insurance.

      • You obviously are far from smart. Millions of people have never had health insurance. I am an RN for 30 years. They know they don’t need it. They can go to any ER room or clinic etc and get stabilized for whatever illness they have. They know the system and they use it. Look in your phone book smart person under government, county and state, see all the FREE healthcare help? They are there. Just like for every PP there are 15 other agencies that offer 100% women’s health.

        Wow with smart people like you we had 8 years of Obama.

      • Stephen Kirtland says:

        Communism is the humanist philosophical fallacy of academics who don’t know the difference between theories and real life. It would work just fine if the “masses” were reduced to mechanically reacting, obedient production and consumption units without individual dreams or wills. That is, in sum, the aim of liberal education. Virtue and values are only taught in the context of such anti-human goals such as equity, conformity, altruism and loyalty to the state above all other concerns. This, by the way, is also fascism. Fascism is an extreme leftist philosophy of government along with communism, or whatever name the leftists choose to be known as, so as to disguise their true agendas. The leftists believe in thuggery, character assassination, rumor, personal attacks, misinformation, extortion, blackmail, thievery and even outright murder, in other words,any means necessary yo accomplish their aims. Still think I don’t know what communism is, smart guy? By the way, I think you meant “warthog.”

  2. DiverDuck61 says:

    They should all have to send their children to the public schools.

    • PATRICIA MEAD says:

      None of the elite would have their children in the anti Christ, federal school of sex, drugs, sports and multiculturalism

  3. Richard Schmidt says:

    My neighbor is a very highly paid teacher in local public school. She sends her kids to private school.

  4. these teachers are the highest paid in the world and yet we rank twenty three in the world level of education. the government has lowered the learning standard for the black. dont tell me it isnt so when I hire a man from Detroit who has a diploma that cant fill out the form I need for his employment and for government taxes. he couldnt read and could just sign his name. was he stupid? far from it. my wife taught him to read and write injust months. he will take his test as master electrician that he will pass. it was the schools that failed him not his brain. and yes he is black.

    • we need more people like you, thanks! our modern teachers are more interested in teaching our kids about sexual identity, global warming/climate change, sharing somebody else’s wealth, how mean and horrible our country has been, how mistreated the blacks are, and other tenets of communism.

  5. the president of Northern Illinois University just resigned over ethics violations , which he was hired to clean up . He was paid 450,000 a year by a bankrut state and was given 600,000 as a going away present

  6. Thank God Fox has been outed as a sick site. There was never any news, only
    lies and smears from the fat Limbaugh. Now you are behaving the same way,
    talking just like goons, with nothing real to contribute to the world. Get a job as a
    professor, teacher, or educator, and do something worthwhile before you die. All
    you sad sacks have contributed nothing. Low IQ? Mushy mouths? Embarrassing yourselves. This is a place where intelligence goes into a coffin.
    Public schools have taught most Americans.

    And just think = they are the ones who became great scientists and researchers
    like myself. Every scientist in the world yearns to be hired into one of our U.S. Labs.
    The medicine you use, came from our labs. You do not know a goddamn thing.

    • Alpha Romeo says:

      That’s not Fox news ,you must be referring to CNN,MSNBC,CBS,ABC,NBC,CNBC and all the rest of the lying,phony news left wing bozos.

    • keep all those cures for cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. coming! you over paid great scientists are exactly who have driven the cost of health care out of sight, but as long as you feel good and the drug companies get rich, you will keep peddling their expensive poison that never cures anything.

    • “science” has been killed by Scientists to the highest bider!

      Sorry I have a 135 IQ and Self educated. No indoctrination centers for me! Oh, worth while? I saved many lives as a NYC “ghetto” Paramedic.

      As for your communication skills? You have none and you are not pleasant.

      collectivism, socialism, communism has failed every where it is tried. Our country even experimented with it in 2 founding colonies which lost 50% of their numbers the first winter. Do you know the name of those colonies?

  7. Allie Davis says:

    I’ve listened to the teachers cry how woefully underpaid they are for 40+ years. Face it, 180 days/year of school = a part-time job. Currently, 7 public schools in Baltimore do not have EVEN ONE STUDENT that can perform at grade level, and they are some of the highest paid public school districts in the country.
    Personally, I am sick to death of the education scam. Why are we still paying for this? More and more money is pumped into schools, and scholastic achievement sinks lower and lower. The entire K-12 curriculum is online and free. Homeschool- get better quality education for your children without putting them at risk of bullying and far worse at the hands of these leftist lunatics. Remember when Obama was telling kids “You know better than your parents. You have to teach them what we are teaching you” (paraphrased). Now, THAT is indoctrination, NOT EDUCATION.

  8. Fault of the parents. Take your children out of Public schools and put them in Private, find someone to home school them or put them in Parochial schools.

  9. Stephen Kirtland says:

    The design of the left is to indoctrinate the young to bring about the regulated society they long for. Teachers and academics will be among the elite of progressive social structure. Political leaders and top level bureaucrats will also be elites, but some elites are more elite than others. Free thinking and comparative logic are the enemies of the left. And don’t mention Socratic method or economics; the teaching methods must be chosen to advance the cause.

  10. George T Horvat says:

    THIS ARTICLE IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE!!! These poor teachers “DO NOT” get paid that much money for working each year. They get paid that much money for only working about nine months as teachers each year.

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