‘Sexual Preference’ Is Now An Outdated Term Because Amy Coney Barrett Used It

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The liberal left has gone far beyond a logical agenda and straight to a group that marches around saying how much they hate anything associated with conservatives.

This has never been more apparent than with the upcoming election and “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, where people’s blinding rage towards the president leads them to do and say unintelligent things.

Now Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the newest conservative target- and you won’t believe the ridiculous thing liberals are picking on her for.

The term “sexual preference” has been a trademark of sorts for the LGBT community for decades.

However, when Judge Coney Barrett used it during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing liberals dropped the phrase faster than you can say “hypocrite.”

In an ironic display of their wavering views, Democrats claimed “sexual preference” was outdated and “offensive,” according to The Daily Wire.

But then why are leading representatives of the LGBT community still using the term without scrutiny?

The Advocate is a leading publication on LGBT issues, and less than a month ago they featured an interview with the cast from “Julie and the Phantoms”, which is directed by Kenny Ortega who is upfront with his homosexuality.

The Daily Wire reports on Ortega’s words in the interview:

“To come from that history to be able to now, as a director, be telling these stories that aren’t even about coming out — that are about young people who are just comfortable with who they are, no matter what their sexual preference is. It’s just glorious and so satisfying.”

This was just said on September 25th!

So how did a term become “outdated” in a matter of a couple weeks?

When Barrett said the forbidden words for those who want to choose their sexuality it was in a respectful way, but that’s not what liberals want to focus on because it doesn’t perpetuate the narrative that she is a narrow-minded conservative.

Here’s what Barrett said when asked if she “would be a consistent vote to roll back hard-fought freedoms and protections for the LGBT community”, according to The Daily Wire:

I do want to be clear that I have never discriminated on the basis of sexual preference and would not ever discriminate on the basis of sexual preference. Like racism, I think discrimination is abhorrent.”

Ironically, in the same publication that featured Ortega celebrating a platform to express “sexual preference”, then featured an article on Barrett calling her use of the term “inaccurate” and “offensive” because it implies individuals choose their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Well, yeah…

A mere few days before Ortega was featured in the Advocate, LOGOtv, a channel made for the LGBT community, praised a quote from an article in NewNowNext on twitter that read:

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Now, I’m far more attracted to men than women, but who’s to say my sexual preference won’t sway again?”

This quote speaks volumes on the liberal agenda.

The LGBT community is allowed to use any means necessary to persuade others to embrace an immoral lifestyle, encouraging individuals to “dip their toes” in the lifestyle if you will.

However, if a conservative speaks on the issue then it will be twisted and turned around until the entire population of leftist America is outraged.

Are they that blinded by their hatred for all things pro-life and pro-family that they can’t see they are speaking out two sides of their mouth?

The hypocrisy is dumbfounding.

We can only hope that as Barrett continues to service the judicial system that she continues to stand by what is just and right, and doesn’t use the same wavering set of standards liberals operate with.

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